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  1. So he wants full control of the MTA, including presumably the agency's finances, but still also wants NYC to pay for half of it, all without any say whatsoever? Yeah, that sounds like a worthwhile plan not destined for failure at all. I do wish Andy Boy would stop acting like he's mankind's New York's savior with his harebrained schemes that don't amount to anything. It does get quite tiring after a while, doesn't it? While he does not presently hold full control of the agency, he does have the ability to be the driving force behind the MTA with who he places as chairman. He's been in office for eight years now and watched as the city's transit network collapsed at the seams all the while maintaining the position that he cannot do anything since he does not control the MTA and feuding with DeBlasio over said ownership. He's punted the issue for nearly a decade, and now that he's realized he has a chance to be president (I don't know who told him that by the way), he wants to swoop in and save the day. Forgive me if I'm skeptical here.
  2. Lance

    Rockaway Beach Branch

    I can't give you a cost/benefit analysis, but a conservative estimate of the entire combined project could be somewhere around $3bn. Restoring the Rockaway Beach line itself would be a massive expense as everything along the ROW would have to be replaced to current standards that meet ADA requirements. Nothing along that ROW can be salvaged as it's been left to rot since the early '50s. The second expense would be extending the Fulton St tunnels from Court St to the East River. Comparing it to similar expenses like the Flushing extension, which cost about $2bn for a mile-long extension from Times Square, it's not outside the realm of possibility that a half-mile stretch of new tunneling would be around a billion. Of course, that does not account for land acquisition that would be necessary as the entire area is full of very narrow streets that don't meet up with Court and Schermerhorn Sts. The final and largest expense would be the cross-river tunnel itself. Digging around both the Montague and Joralemon tunnels and any other obstructions can will likely drive up costs. In order for this to actually be beneficial, especially the Rockaway Beach portion, that line would have to pick up a ton of riders from that section alone. The actual Rockaways line has a direct connection to Manhattan with the , despite the low frequency there. Anything that ran via Rockaway Beach and Queens Blvd would take about the same amount of time to reach Manhattan as its Fulton St counterpart. Without a bypass (another large expense), Rockaway Beach does not have the draw required to offset the high costs unfortunately.
  3. Lance

    Rollsign Gallery

    While we wait for @Ilia to release his reproduction of the original R40 slant sign curtains, we can take a look at another set of replacements for the front signs of their straight-end cousins: Date: Sept. 16, 1987 Printed by: Transign Used on: R42 When these signs were placed in use on the trains, the cars in question were scattered across the system to provide necessary service during the delivery process of the R68 series of cars and the GOH of various car classes at the time, including the R40 slants. With the exception of the A and C, it was not outside the realm of possibility to see the 42s in service on any of the routes shown above on a semi-regular basis, at least according to the car assignments at the time. While the Manhattan Bridge south tracks closure was in effect at the time, that major service change seems to have had little impact on the sign order as the options are essentially from 1985, especially in regards to the Q, which was converted to a normal hours route in 1986, losing its rush hour diamond route designation. This is the last sign curtain produced for the R40-42 series of cars before their overhauls. Subsequent sign curtains produced would be horizontal in nature as the sign curtain mechanism was changed across all of the R40s-R46s during their respective overhauls. This curtain would also be the last in the R40-42 series to omit routes that were not travelled often on these particular cars, as the post-overhaul signs would include every possible route that existed at the time. Next time, we'll finally wrap up the R68s' original signs.
  4. Lance

    Rollsign Gallery

    Ooh, the original '68 slant curtains. Can't wait.
  5. Lance

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    To answer the actual question, the post-overhaul signs had several extraneous options that wouldn't be possible without reversing or clogging up the line. Along with Astoria Blvd, there's both City Hall and Canal St on the 32s' north sign curtains and Kew Gardens-Union Tpke and Rockefeller Center on the south destination signs. I think their inclusion was to make up for the lack of adequate destination options on some of the older pre-overhaul signs (some of which dated back to Chrystie St). I guess if there was some incident that closed off the platforms at Ditmars Blvd, but left the tracks open to continue Astoria line operations, they would be able to correctly display the terminals for such an occasion. Oddly enough, this situation actually happened back in 2001, where trains terminated at Canal St, but relayed at the closed World Trade Center station due to the cleanup of the WTC site.
  6. Lance

    Full Shutdown of L Train to Be Halted by Cuomo

    I like how you can clearly read and comprehend what everyone's saying in response to your comments, but still ignore it and regurgitate the same stale talking points that have been debunked time and again. Perhaps you have a career in politics.
  7. Hillary Clinton's loss in Pennsylvania or any other state back in the 2016 election has absolutely nothing to do with the Canarsie repairs project. Please keep this to the actual topic at hand.
  8. Lance

    Full Shutdown of L Train to Be Halted by Cuomo

    Honestly, give it a rest. We all get it; you believe every little thing has to be done to curry some political favor from those well outside the impact bubble. For the last few days, you've done nothing but post this exact same thought almost verbatim in every thread semi-related to this change in the plans. Quite frankly, it's getting old.
  9. Yay, more grandstanding and posturing from the Prince himself. We should just start playing royal fanfare every time he speaks; something that befits his status of course. In all seriousness, will we see anything concrete from this or will we simply get another press conference that doesn't give a hint of the actual process involved? Forgive me if I'm not convinced he's all that serious on this. If this is all to get him votes for a potential presidential bid next year like everyone believes, wouldn't it make more sense to actually make some progress with all these goals rather than just talk about them all the damn time? While Cuomo does not have full control of the MTA, he does hold an important position in that he's the guy who appoints the chief in charge of the agency. If his end goal is purely to rein in spending, reduce redundancies and get the MTA back to where it needs to be, he can easily put someone in charge who can get all the sub-agencies to fall in line. Of course, he'll need to reach out to another group of experts first, so we might be waiting a while for that.
  10. Lance

    R179 Discussion Thread

    That would delay the order even further. Adding a couple of cars to the order and converting some A cars to B cars are a much easier process than changing the order to make them into the 211-lites.
  11. Lance

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Well, it's a good thing that shutdown isn't happening, now is it? We are no strangers to teething issues here. The 142s were infamous for being in and out of service during the first few years in operation for one reason or another and despite those issues, they would later go on to become some of the best workhorses in the system. With that said, however, it has gotten extremely annoying that a car class delayed by several years due to builder issues can arrive on site and still be defective after such a extended length of time. It's going to look really bad if the test train of 211s arrives before this order is complete. If there's any consolation, I guess it's a good thing these issues are cropping up now while they're under warranty and not several years later when the costs of repairs would fall solely on us.
  12. Lance

    Full Shutdown of L Train to Be Halted by Cuomo

    Probably because he knows he'll be the face of this if it falls apart. Unless this idea fails fairly early while it's still in the news cycle, people will forget that Cuomo made the change in the first place and lay blame on the person in charge of the (sub-)agency, which unfortunately is Byford.
  13. Nope. After the attacks, the line was closed for just under a year, reopening on Sept. 8th, 2002. Post-Sandy, the South Ferry station was closed for nearly five years due to severe water damage, but aside from that, the line remained in service. I don't know why you're bothering. It's "pols" this, "donors" that and "potential presidential run" every time something like this comes up.
  14. I believe the Fix and Fortify closures were done in their present order based on the potential ridership impact and not just damage. It's just coincidence that the worst damage Montague tunnel was the least impactful in terms of ridership, hence why that was closed first. The had a bunch of nearby alternatives when that tunnel was taken out of service in 2013. That isn't the case for the , hence the extended wait while contingencies were drawn up to mitigate a closure of that magnitude. Sure, it would've been better from an operations standpoint to get the Canarsie tunnel back to pre-Sandy conditions earlier than it currently is planned for, but getting several different agencies to come up with a beneficial plan to minimize the impact of the loss of the Canarsie line is not an easy process, especially when dealing with the great bureaucracy. As for the comparisons to restoring service after Sept. 11th, that was all about bouncing back from the tragedy of the attacks. It would've been the equivalent of leaving that empty pit where the Twin Towers stood. Also, a better comparison would've been to the initial restoration of service on Nov. 8th, 2012 and a more apt comparison to the planned closure would be to the long-delayed restoration of service at Cortlandt St.


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