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  1. Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Or you know, perhaps it should be recognized that not everyone can be given one- or two-seat rides to their destinations. At least not without inconveniencing others. In about a year, the will be a 24/7 Manhattan-Brooklyn route with service to midtown at all times. During the year or so that follows, there will be plenty of time to see if a permanent extension would be beneficial to riders and not wasteful spending due to extraneous services. Until then, Essex St and/or Chambers St are the best possible terminals for the present weekend .
  2. Enhanced Station Initiative

    What a ridiculous excuse in 2018.... I also find that hard to believe. It's not like they have to blow up the station with C4 or something, though that might be an improvement on the whole situation . Seriously though, and before I get put on a list, it would not be impossible to do a complete rehab of Chambers St while maintaining the structures above. It's just become such a massive undertaking with the decades of neglect that it falls well outside of the scope of the ESI project. Of course, if it's left as is without any kind of renovation, it's only going to get worse.
  3. Enhanced Station Initiative

    ¿Por qué no los dos? Both the stations and the general infrastructure need a lot of work to get them out of the past. While there is too much focus on the finishes as part of the program, a lot of the work for the ESI rehabs is being done behind the scenes to actually fix these stations, hopefully so they won't have to touch them again for a while. It's not all just fancy lights and countdown clocks. There are other repairs and preventative work being done at these stations so they don't leak, that there's better passenger flow, etc. Also keep in mind that a lot of these stations haven't seen a rehab in decades. Even if they weren't part of the ESI program, they'd still be facing intermittent closures for repairs in the near future, likely without any of the features seen in the ESI rebuilds, but probably at similar costs to them. Sure, the signals and tracks play an important part in keeping the subway moving, but so do the stations. The entire subway needs to be modernized, not just certain aspects of it. Even worse is that Chambers St is almost directly beneath City Hall. You'd think that would create some kind of incentive to do something about the dungeon there.
  4. Repainted seat on the A train

    You know, you guys don't have to respond to a silly topic. Just saying... Lance
  5. LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    I don't know if anyone has noticed, but they've removed the chimes that play before the automated announcements on the M8s.
  6. I think there is so much pushback with DeKalb Junction because it would force too many transfers to actually be a viable solution. I'm blanking on the proposed setup (was it via Brighton, via Sea Beach/West End?), but if you're forcing the bulk of riders to transfer at Atlantic Av or DeKalb Av, will they really save that much time? Regarding the Broadway weaving, I'm actually for straightening out the services where all Queens services run local via Whitehall and expresses from 96 Street run express via the Bridge. It's five stops spread out between four express stations. If those merges are removed, the all of the Broadway services will speed up.
  7. Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Chambers St is a better terminal than W 4 Street. Nothing's impacted with the on Nassau St and it affords the line more transfers to Broadway and Lexington Ave. A W 4 Street terminus forces a double merge for the , thus slowing down the service. Also, the only thing gained by such an extension is a new transfer to the and . Hardly worth it in my opinion.
  8. Dean Street

    Please note that the post in question was made five years ago. It's not surprising that the photo has since disappeared. Friendly reminder to all newcomers: if a thread has not seen any activity in a while (use your own discretion), please refrain from bumping it unless absolutely necessary. As always, welcome to the forums. Enjoy your stay.
  9. Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    I think the multitude of bus transfers, along with the one between the and the Queens Blvd lines, play a bigger part in the crowding situation than the local-express one does there at Roosevelt Av.
  10. @DeuceyI think it's the fact that most of these buses would carry air is the reason more subway-paralleling routes don't exist. In incidents such as this, yeah, it makes sense, but when things are running smoothly on the subway (yeah, I know, novel concept), that would seem really wasteful. Then again, the bus network is not my area of expertise, so what do I know?
  11. Two different animals entirely. It's quite easy to flag an Uber or Lyft car when practically everyone and their mother are drivers. Initiating emergency shuttle bus service on the other hand, requires a bit more effort. First, there's the lack of drivers. At any time when the agency needs additional buses to run, they have to call in drivers who weren't on duty at the time. I don't know about you, but when I'm off, I'm not hanging out at my job waiting for the possible call. Then there's the issue of equipment. There may be some spare buses laying around out of service, but the majority of them are in fact in service, more so on weekdays when this meltdown occurred. "Does the nearest depot have enough buses to cover this operation?" and "If not, where else can we can get some in a timely fashion?" are questions that have to be answered. That also leads to my next point of how long will this service change last. It's easy to Monday morning quarterback this when we have the knowledge that this whole thing lasted for five hours. At the time of the incident, I'm sure that information wasn't readily available, thus making the call for shuttle buses a bit harder. That's why it usually takes a couple of hours of a massive incident before they start calling for shuttle buses. Of course, I'm sure Transit maintenance workers were saying it would be fixed shortly, which doesn't help in the slightest. That's why we need better communication across the board. As soon as the maintenance guys survey the problem, it should be conveyed to RCC and whomever else what the problem is and how long it will take to fix so that the MTA can adequately provide necessary replacement service as soon as possible. That's like saying the shit I took this morning is better than the shit I took last night. It's well past ridiculous that these incidents keep causing massive disruptions across the board. We shouldn't have lines of people waiting for a train wrapping around city blocks like this is an iPhone release event. We also shouldn't have to deal with such recurring system failures on a regular basis. That's why I've shifted my stance on full-time closures. If it takes a week or two of no service to get the signals and tracks in better shape, this need to be looked into post haste.
  12. Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    If the were to run express with the and making the local stops east of Forest Hills, I don't foresee it being well-received. Remember, the bulk of the ridership on the far end of Queens Blvd is mostly heading for Manhattan. They are not going to take the local trains all the way through and would rather likely just bail at the first opportunity. This idea would just shift the waits from 71 Avenue to Union Turnpike and Parsons Blvd where they'll become holding delays due to transferring riders. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe this service pattern would fare better than it did in '89 when the became the replacement for the rerouted .
  13. Will this investigation amount to something besides "shit's broke yo"? We've had a few of these massive meltdowns for one reason or another lately and time and again, the results of the "investigation" behind the event haven't exactly led to any real change.
  14. Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    I think a lot of the reasoning behind not extending the locals to 179 Street is due to a foreseen lack of ridership. People coming from 179 Street and other nearby stops are not going to take the or local when the express remains a viable option. It costs money for such an extension and if the trains are going to run mostly empty, well, there's little justification in it. Also, if fumigation is the issue behind the delays at 71 Avenue, I don't think extending the locals will solve that problem. Sure, there are switches between the local and express tracks just east of 169 Street. However, trains will have to be emptied out at 179 Street in order to relay the train. If everything runs local along Hillside Ave, you would still see some delays as each out of service train is cleared out.
  15. Agreed. We have plenty of ideas threads. I'd like to keep this one based on what will most likely run during the closure.


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