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  1. How do they even know if u owe tickets anyway? When I went everyone that was sent home disclosed the fact that they owe a ticket or two. But what if u didn't disclose.
  2. I got a letter through email, and a phone call.. 112X
  3. List num 11xx...got the call as well but I'm going to decline so someone else can get pushed up. Expected to start the fdny fire academy in nov. it would be selfish of me to take a position knowing I would leave in 6 months when one of u guys can get your dream job. Good luck to all.
  4. Mta just doesn't want to hire if u owe tickets. Corrections & nypd is the same. But there are plenty of CITY jobs that WILL hire you if u have tickets. My cousin became a firefighter with pending tickets. Every dept is just different.
  5. Ppl need to stop annoying this lady and wait until they start reaching out to us again. We'll be notified when/if they need us for PE. Everyone here will start posting that they got letters & ect.
  6. Just relax they'll get to us.. the less u think about it the quicker it'll happen..the more u think about it the longer the days will be.
  7. U guys really think feb being 2-3days short of a reg full month is a reason for why they might skip that month lol. If they need people that wouldn't matter at all.
  8. Looks like they'll still be needing us https://abc7ny.com/traffic/cuomo-planned-l-train-shutdown-will-not-happen/5009774/
  9. If u know that start losing the weight now.
  10. What if he gave it up for something else? I have intentions on taking the job but once I get called for fdny firefighter I'm out lol
  11. They go through more than 60 people to fill a class lol...after 3 classes they should def be higher than 937
  12. Yes u have to fill it out again..just make copies so it's easier
  13. Tell the truth..they really don't care lol.. y jam yaself up for no reason..
  14. Yea well there's your problem right there.
  15. Means u didn't score the minimum 70 to be on the list.

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