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  1. I’m in the September induction and we all are going through CBTC right now .. should be the last class ta 91 this week . So far 88,89, 90 have completed in the last three weeks
  2. That’s either Khan or Carney .. remember which ?
  3. Yeah. They only had 8 slots for B. And the rest A. From the looks of it they need it.
  4. Hey I heard today from one of the TSS that everyone is going to be drafted into the B division so be prepared for that
  5. Don’t let them lie to you. I’m one of 9 Promotionals who didn’t go back . They all went back to title no problem. They wouldn’t tell any of us that when we were sworn in but everyone who wanted to go back went back . At least 5 went back to title . Sat a Livingston for a couple days and had to pay some Processing fee but they let them go back.
  6. Congrats . I’ve been checking to see if you made it with how they did you last time
  7. I personally think it would be a bad idea . I was promotional from stations where they say most people don’t make it . If we had 10 promotionals, 6 went back. Bus operators go back . Conductors go back .. I don’t think it’s a good idea at all
  8. 29. One was a dud. Someone who was demoted from doing a job at rail control that he wasn’t supposed to be doing . He didn’t even make the week before he retired .
  9. Also we are still in school car. We are all YX. The B doc folks probably just started YX and they will be on the road sometime in May. A div we YX until about Valentines Day then have a final and another signal exam and then do road ops for two weeks .. right around when new classes are supposed to start.. then we have to post ... we are officially done with school car in April .. going back and forth to the school etc they are going to be cautious scheduling these classes and what not . Definitely won’t be an induction of more than 30
  10. Doubt they will hire that many. Covid made it to where classes went from 10 to 5 and they have just so many places to send these classes to to where too many of us aren’t together and multiple classes aren’t in the same place. They might state they need 200 in order to make transit hire at least 50. Everything has a budget
  11. And by they I mean people here in the forum
  12. Last time they were saying we would all be drafted to the A. They gave the exact amount to choose from both for the promotionals only . 8 chances to go B and then everyone else who couldn’t pick had time go A. At least half of the b people didn’t make it for one reason or another . We lost one person in the A for personal reasons . 6 classes total. 2 b, 4 a
  13. Hey I am from the September induction and I heard today of a late February class from one of my School car TSS. Get ready y’all because it seems like at least 25-30 should be called for classes . Good luck everybody. It’s been a real interesting run and it’s not for everybody but it’s an amazing job. I came from stations so I already worked for transit but it’s definitely not easy but once you get it you’re in there . Ill post if I get any more info.
  14. Wait then we are here together ... who are you 👀👀👀

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