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  1. I submitted my paperwork on the 30th.
  2. I got my email about an hour later. The email basically says what to bring with you that day.
  3. I’m currently waiting on the email but they called me twice and left a voicemail and sent a text advising to expect an email with instructions . They advised me to come in on Tuesday the 11th at 10:30am
  4. I just got a text and a call for pre employment on Tuesday. Be alert folks the calls are coming ! List number 7**
  5. I think that there is no rhyme or reason to it . I’m number 7** and I’m 35 in the sequence
  6. I was actually pregnant when I was originally called and declined the offer. I didn’t do it because to my understanding there is a lot of climbing and physical activity during school car that might not be healthy for you to do during that time. Also when we are pregnant we have to use the bathroom a lot and that is something that is nearly impossible to do as often as we would need to. If you are called and pregnant and decline you can put yourself back on the list when ready. I put myself back on in January and I probably didn’t get called as quickly because of covid
  7. Nvmd i just saw it in his group on FB
  8. Is this confirmed ? Because if so you just lifted a major weight off my shoulders
  9. I’ll find out and get back to you
  10. My friend who was in the last class told me his TSS told him he had another class in late August
  11. I just heard from someone in the last class that they have three classes scheduled for either the end of August or sometime in September.
  12. I have had none. I declined and never went for the medical or drug test. The thing is I don’t think it matters because they are going to make everyone do it again anyway. I will definitely post once I’ve heard something.
  13. I sent mine last night and nothing
  14. My email only said HS diploma though the letter mentioned drivers license if it was a driving title. I didn’t send it because the email didn’t ask for it. I already work for transit so maybe they didn’t need it from me.
  15. My list number is 7**. I had declined appointment back in Oct of 2018. I put myself back on the list in January. I’m wondering if they are doing this to just get themselves a big pool of candidates and do what they do sometimes with the back and forth for months and multiple pre employments or if they are serious and have an actual date. There is an absolute hiring freeze though they did say that it would allow for hiring for business needs and needed approval but I’m curious to know if they have a date or not. I have to have surgury within the next six weeks and being that the last class was last October I am going to be torn on what to do. Postpone one or the other. I’m wondering too maybe they might have multiple smaller classes because of the social distancing and they might not all start at once . Idk I’m just speculating ..
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