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  1. I initially hated operating the 32s because they were hard to stop properly. But recently i posted on the a out of far rock and i operated it like i would a 68/68a and im in love with them now.
  2. From a train operator's perspective, i love the handle on the r 46. The power positions are also clearly marked/etched into the master controller setup. I slightly prefer operating the 46s because they feel like a real train. The 160s feel like operating a video game. Conversely, it's harder to accidentlaly put a 160 than a 46 into emergency.
  3. I read this like, "Aren't you in the A div?" Then I remembered you were in a transfer class. Congrats!
  4. As a student train operator almost finished with training-gotta disagree here. I LOVE the R46's. Easy to stop-just mostly need min brake, and I prefer that long handle to others. They're also in mostly good condition--and they're not falling apart like the r179s are.
  5. Will try this advice as well. Thank you!
  6. True-admittedly the delay did freak me out. But yesterday, I came in my stations braking just before the conductor's board and my stops were better. You do have to trust the brakes will kick in and don't fully release to the marker because the delay in grabbing back brake will cause you to slingshot and overshoot a bit.
  7. Thank you for that advice, which I will take. Do a lot of people down here struggle with the 68a's?
  8. Thx that helped. Im sure ill eventually get it.
  9. I hope so, thx! Just that it was my third straight day of screwing up, and I've been trying like hell to improve because we only get a few more days with this equipment before we move to other ones and road posting begins very soon. But I'm not quitting. Also, gd luck on your practical!
  10. Today was not a great day with the r68a's kicking my ass with braking. I'm having a bit of a hard time "feeling" the train. My TSS had me locate the notch just below the snowbrake and I took advice from a classmate to not fully release brake when stopping, but I still came up long on many of my stops or short. Tried experimenting with braking later, and I overshot. Tried doing it a bit earlier, TSS said I was going too slow. I'm kinda frustrated but will keep at it.
  11. I heard. Last day of yx for the august induction today. We'll be out on the road with the July class by March, if things keep going well.
  12. For what it’s worth I ran into conductors doing a to b div training today at Jamaica yard. So it seems there might be a shortage but idk
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