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  1. Nice! Question: how much of an emphasis did they place on time for your first practical? Did the tss have a timer on them?
  2. Congratulations on your success so far. I've been acing my tests and quizzes so far, but my practical upcoming has me a bit nervous, given that it's timed. And in the b division, it could be on a variety of train classes. Great news is, my third road ops was this week, and I hit the marker on all of my stops, and my tss said they were smooth. So my confidence is building, though I'm not patting myself too hard at this point, since next month is make or break for me.
  3. Man today's road ops was so much better. We operated from Coney uptown, then back down. I got about 8 stops, and most of them were near or on the marker. But I'm doing the rookie mistake of fanning the brakes to a stop. I felt the sweet spot the first time I operated today, but kept grabbing and releasing brake to each stop after. Gotta work on feeling the train better, and holding a medium brake to the marker.
  4. I’m in t/o schoolcar and experiencing this feeling to an extent now. But I’m adjusting
  5. Also gd luck in your practical tomorrow! You can do it
  6. Yes my very first time on main line. Yeah it was a sensory overload digesting all that info. Next road op is next wed. I think I realized the problem. My tss told me when to start taking brake in a station and I began moving from running release towards full service a bit but he said he didn’t feel it. I didn’t also at first but after I finished my turn I realized the braking was likely delayed. Not 100 on that but I’m gonna try experimenting next wk
  7. You’ll get it. Least ur first day on the road wasn’t nearly as bad as mine, which was this morning. Doors out at most of my stops, overshot the punch at one and had to open the window to reach out. Only did like one barely good station stop. and later on barely passed a quiz bc I got lazy with studying a certain portion we covered yesterday: today wasn’t my day but I’m working on a comeback tomorrow
  8. I asked this in a pm but I also wanted other opinions... I was practicing cuts and adds on the r32 today, but I'm having a bit of an issue with not accidentally dumping the train after reversing 1 foot for the cut. It's the sequence after you charge the moving cars to make sure the stationary cars don't charge, then take a point of power, activate the bypass, put your right hand back on the brake, and move back enough without putting the brake handle too far. The first cut and add I did with no problems and I remember the steps without my tss needing to tell me but just that part is trivky for me. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!
  9. Yeah I was like, “damn how do people hold these down For an 8 hr shift and more?” these earplugs u get at 248 are trash. I need the larger ones I see some ops with
  10. I've memorized reading the iron and some switch components and part of the inspection but I suspect the brake tests (compressor and B2 and sensitive rolling) will be part of the practical.

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