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  1. I heard. Last day of yx for the august induction today. We'll be out on the road with the July class by March, if things keep going well.
  2. For what it’s worth I ran into conductors doing a to b div training today at Jamaica yard. So it seems there might be a shortage but idk
  3. and its because the ny news media hates conductors (and transit workers in general) and thinks your position should be eliminated-which is crazy talk considering how complex this system truly is.
  4. I'm about to enter yx and honestly, being upfront isn't as scary as they make it sound. You can def do it.
  5. Sorry to hear that, bro. You conductors gotta deal with the public in such unfortunate ways. It's just endemic of mental health issues in our society.
  6. Oh most def I studied today after taking a small break yesterday. Job isn’t mine yet
  7. We all finished the final yard practical and sig exam this week. On to road posting. @Schecter all ima tell u bro is that train operator training isn’t overtly easy but it’s nowhere near beast mode difficult in terms of subject matter. It’s intense because of the amount of things you gotta learn in a short time but doable.
  8. Did not know this I’ll try thx! Also we got our posting papers this week too so we’re almost done with schoolcar’s hardest part.
  9. For the practical practice my tss has us just apply one handbrake in the first cab before securing and descending but if you’re doing this for real I think one should suffice but if you want to apply 2 sure.
  10. In theory I guess you could use it for that but only in a self defense manner.
  11. Yeah true handbrakes are a major part of you’re doing it on smee. I was never told to mention ppe though.
  12. You do mention the hissing air but obviously you can’t just do nothing about it after noticing it. Have to reset the ebv, check if your train recharged, question the passengers as to who pulled the cord, tell RCC And go back to your position , check indication, and tell the passengers and the conductor the investigation is done. And a few more things
  13. ITs much easier than you think. There is certain verbiage you must say during the Brake pipe rupture sim but it’s easy to remember cause if your tss is serious they’ll drill it into your head repeatedly.
  14. Yes. You close the angles in the middle after having secured the train and deactivated HVAC. Then you reopen them after a min. If the train goes BIE (at this point it should be partially charged) the front section is good and the back is bad.
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