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  1. Im finding that last part is the truth-especially about leadership. Im def not even close to wanting to quit. The other factors you mentioned I've found ways to work with. Just the tour is causing issues. Ill see what can be done.
  2. I appreciate the advice. But honestly my body is not cut out for midnights and its causing me health issues. Looking for ways out.
  3. Im trying. I am getting more sleep but hunger wakes me up like 5 hrs in. Then i get back to sleep. Not everyone is built for that shift and the body naturally isn't. I try working out before sleeping and taking melatonin as well.
  4. Been taking passengers over a month now solo. Love it so far. Don't love the straining midnight hours and am having a hard time adjusting no matter what I try. But I'm hoping it will get better soon.
  5. Perhaps but i was more so referring to b div classes in the above instances. There was a class of b div conductors after August but i believe August was the last b div t/o class
  6. I think Jericho is referring here to the likely possibility many of the o/c conductors are on the t/o open competitive list as well, like you, and will jump when the time is right. And that they will probably get the days off for pre-employment and the like. If anything almost none them at this point would've been called for train op given there's been only about two t/o classes since August, and they were hella small. So i doubt any of them would know the answer for sure, Scheter.
  7. Oh ok i think they should. It's still technically a promotion. Just call Livingston when they reopen to confirm.
  8. Hell yeah let em come! Gotta build up my non existent senority and get a decent tour or rdo set-my current setup is breaking me down. And more classes will only help me in that goal!
  9. Hell no bro. Y'all got lucky it sounds.
  10. Def. I'm dealing with the rdos. Just odd that some people get their wishlists granted straight out of school car. I personally know a few who did. But others don't. Guess it's luck of the draw.
  11. Yeah, but they granted preference sheets to some t/o's fresh outta schoolcar--also at the bottom, but not others. Which is BS. I'm not gonna call them and complain, but I wanna vent a little. I hate weekday RDO's with a passion.
  12. I hear you. Others will have diff experiences. The crew office didn't bother honoring my preference sheet in any way, shape or form. And I've seen that for others aa well. So I guess it is subjective.
  13. All I will say is, I was in your position before getting called and people on here were saying don't be in a rush to come down here. Now that I'm on my own, I see why they warned me about that. Transit's screw office will constantly shift your tours around when u are new, with little advance notice, screwing up your circadian rhythm. They don't give a damn about doing that. Or how it affects its frontliners. I love the job itself but gonna be honest, I've had to sacrifice a lot of personal time to make this work. Just understand that reality when u do come down here.
  14. Alrighty, so today was the first real day on the road for some members of the August class (not including the two who came out over a month ago). Schoolcar called some of us who only owed one or two road posting days last week, and gave us two days of road ops retraining this week. Then we made up the owed posting days on empty trains with tss'es. I had the Charlie. Wasn't too bad. No calls to RCC or anything needed to be made. Bad news is, a lot of us were switched to mids with w/t off starting next week. Guess that is the beginning of road extra life.
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