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  1. I was going to apply for the last conductor test but didn’t have the cash at the time. I would’ve preferred starting there too but it is what it is. And I had the cash for t/o so just gotta go with what calls and do my best.
  2. It’s worth noting I’ve heard that the signals test for t/os isn’t nearly as hard and scary as they make it seem. They drill the signals into your head daily and with quizzes. Extra help is available for those struggling too. They want you to pass and are willing to work with u. @nipaaaa who passed both sig exams can explain better.
  3. Conductor2015 said there’s going to be a class in June, July and August, with over 60 people each. If that’s the case, the wait may not be much longer for many of us.
  4. I wonder if They may have to go over 100 people to fill those classes, so maybe 11xxs might have a shot for July.
  5. I hope they can run through to the 1100s for medical for the June class. But 200 plus people would have to defer, fail drug testing, fail medical, have open cases or just turn it down and doubt that’ many people will do that in a small timeframe. Thank you, I hope you’re right.
  6. So they already may have finished with the t/o request for 225 bodies? Or not, and they’re going to likely have more classes very soon?
  7. That’s depressing. Idk why they need to hire 200 c/r’s and around the same number of t/os but they’re giving more conductor classes. Almost like they’re deemphasizing train ops.
  8. Ok I see. Btw someone at pre-employ in the conductor thread is saying they were told another class is on July. Idk if it includes t/os though.
  9. In that case, might as well pay before going. I just need the help I'm seeking to come through, cause I'm broke as a mf'er now.
  10. Hope I'll get to pick when its my time. I wanna stay on the xtra xtra list as little as possible--less money but more stability. I know am's with weekends will be impossible at first, but if I can pick at least Thursday/Friday, Friday/Saturday, or Sunday/Monday off with pms (or even ams), I'd settle for that. How long is an average day? 10 hours?
  11. It has to be valid in nys so yes.
  12. Bear in mind, we’re only halfway through May and a June class has already been called. Let’s see if more get added in the coming month.
  13. I hear. Did you get to pick while you’re an xtra xtra? Or you still have to wait? I’ve heard of some people picking before even finishing schoolcar.

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