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  1. This gives me confidence for when it’s my turn soon. Glad to hear your feeling more sure of yourself. Good luck!!
  2. Thanks for this Scheter! I start schoolcar next month, and I'll buy this.
  3. Thanks. How goes schoolcar? I know you began in the June 10 class. Have you taken a train down the mainline yet?
  4. Ive already memorized the restricted speed caution points (actually 5 if i recall) and some of the radio codes. Been peeking at the section about automatics and I realize some context might be needed for me to fully understand them.
  5. yes, you will be sworn in that same day.
  6. Btw I’m liking how easily laid out the info in the rule book is. It’s not really written in complex language.
  7. EKG, np, peripheral vision, hearing, protein in urine, etc.
  8. Not long about 50 mins I’d say in total but separate exams
  9. Ok. Thanks! I’m beginning to memorize the restricted speed part. It’s a lot to read but I’m down.
  10. just got sworn in. Question should I start studying all the signals now in the rule book?
  11. I may just be seeing you in that class; medical email just came an hr ago. List no 111x.
  12. Nice! So the guy who said they're in the 1060s had no clue what's going on. Congrats.
  13. But if there's few people there (which follows a pattern in recent weeks) it seems they're officially slowing down somewhat. Which I understood when they did that when the July class was nearing completion. But this one isn't even close to being at that point. @Fredman0220 with his 1090s should've gotten his medical--by now, or at least tomorrow.
  14. 180 is very disorganized. Who told your friend that they were only up to 1069? That has to be wrong

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