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  1. I Hope too. But since they ve called up to about 860 for medical, 200 plus people would have to either fail the drug test, defer, or have pending cases in a short time frame, so idk
  2. If they're sending the new dt correspondence, that's a good sign a class will be announced soon.
  3. So this is kinda random, but I saw a one-armed TSS this week (who said he thinks a class might get called next week). I'm sure he can operate something like a 160, but how the hell do you operate a r32 or r6a with a single arm??? I took three looks at him and was like HUUH?
  4. What's funny is that I actually encountered another C/O later that day who told me there is a freeze, but not for RTO. Which would line up with the other threads. If there was a full freeze, no way people would be getting called down ton Livingston next week, right?
  5. So some c/o's I spoke with said upper ups told them there is an actual full hiring freeze last week. But im seeing people in other threads still being called to 180. Don't know what's going on.
  6. Yeah. It's hard to be patient when bills are running up and all this contradictory info is too.
  7. I read in another thread there's now a complete hiring freeze now. So im not sure.
  8. I hope you are right. Im just strained because i just got laid off with 4 days warning earlier this month, and Im scrambling to find another job in the meantime. Idk if there's a March class why they would wait until the actual month to call? March begins thia friday, and still no word. What sucks is that even i the class comrs around, i won't be called for medical then because my list number is 11xx. The last called for med was 860.
  9. I believe so, but some of the MTA workers were saying it as if it were a done deal. IDK anymore.
  10. Yeah. It's a bit frustrating to see people on other position lists here be called for final processing. Yet the t/o list, for possibly the most coveted non-managerial/non-corporate position in NYCT, isn't moving. If there's really a March class, then idk why they aren't beginning to call us? We're halfway through February, which is already the year's shortest month.
  11. Who the hell would knowingly choose to fail those quizzes when that lazy attitude will bring them closer to getting cut from schoolcar? That aside, this sounds good they offer the help. When i was going through bus operator training last year, they didn't seem much to want to offer additional help (enviro was not as supportive for hardworking, but struggling students.) It's also, on the other hand, a bit petty they hold that against you. Not every body learns at the same speed. But if they're giving it their all, that shoud be looked at too.
  12. I see. I hear the tss'es are willing to offer extra help if needed.

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