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  1. I'm close to you as well. Probably will all process together. I was so worried when I saw my list was in the low 1,000s but apparently that's good.
  2. No call but I applied yet again to the recent posting. It also reads "passed pre-screening".
  3. Yeah placards are annoying. Like really annoying. Time to move to Jersey.
  4. I probably didn't even notice. I wouldn't be surprised if they broke down a lot. They also clean the cars at the last stop...Maybe they were short on bodies back then?
  5. You talking about those buses they used to run? I remember seeing them jammed with people. That must have been miserable.
  6. Oh forget it. As much as I am an advocate for the R train " not being THAT bad club" I refuse to take it any further than Court Street unless I have too. I often will opt for the local N over the R. I usually hop on an express train and walk from 59th if I have to go to Bay Ridge.
  7. I never said that they were exaggerating, I said that my record of 15 minutes was an exaggeration.
  8. The Bay Ridge R isn't bad AT ALL. Leave earlier. I have never waited anything over 15 minutes for a train and even that is a gross exaggeration. Bay Ridge is technically at the end of the line.. I often see them cleaning the cars at the last station. NYC Transit isn't terrible but it needs a lot of work. One issue with the Bay Ridge R stops is the lack of wheelchair accessible stations. Since we are on the issue the only train I have had issues with is the N train. It seems like every time I need to use it something happens. Came back when I realized how bad the R is during the weekend. That's all I got folks.
  9. Has anyone heard anything about this position?
  10. So I'm pretty sure I got a 95 on this exam. I definitely want to go to the protest since a lot of the questions I got wrong I didn't expect to get wrong. Can someone explain how protests usually go?
  11. Same. I actually got a confirmation call as well as email.
  12. what does that certification expiration date mean.

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