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  1. Yeah placards are annoying. Like really annoying. Time to move to Jersey.
  2. I probably didn't even notice. I wouldn't be surprised if they broke down a lot. They also clean the cars at the last stop...Maybe they were short on bodies back then?
  3. You talking about those buses they used to run? I remember seeing them jammed with people. That must have been miserable.
  4. Oh forget it. As much as I am an advocate for the R train " not being THAT bad club" I refuse to take it any further than Court Street unless I have too. I often will opt for the local N over the R. I usually hop on an express train and walk from 59th if I have to go to Bay Ridge.
  5. I never said that they were exaggerating, I said that my record of 15 minutes was an exaggeration.
  6. The Bay Ridge R isn't bad AT ALL. Leave earlier. I have never waited anything over 15 minutes for a train and even that is a gross exaggeration. Bay Ridge is technically at the end of the line.. I often see them cleaning the cars at the last station. NYC Transit isn't terrible but it needs a lot of work. One issue with the Bay Ridge R stops is the lack of wheelchair accessible stations. Since we are on the issue the only train I have had issues with is the N train. It seems like every time I need to use it something happens. Came back when I realized how bad the R is during the weekend. That's all I got folks.
  7. Has anyone heard anything about this position?
  8. So I'm pretty sure I got a 95 on this exam. I definitely want to go to the protest since a lot of the questions I got wrong I didn't expect to get wrong. Can someone explain how protests usually go?
  9. Same. I actually got a confirmation call as well as email.
  10. what does that certification expiration date mean.
  11. That's insane. Is it because the list is nearing its expiration?
  12. I'm not understanding. Your saying they are considering people on the promotional before people on this list?

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