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  1. where you required recall a sentence or read a sample sentence?
  2. Your chances of being called from the list is probable. The last number calles from prior Conductor exam was 10xx. All we can do at this point is wait.
  3. Good Luck & Please give us a few details...😊
  4. Yes we are but, also I am appreciative for the Senior members in this forum who also have been in our situation. Waiting...Waiting...and Waiting. Their honest input has guided those whom never been appointed or experienced going through the hiring process of any nyc agency. Thank so much Ladies & Gentlemen😊.
  5. Thanks SevenEleven...I’m also comparing NYC DOC Pension with TA. Since I have already vested 12 yrs with NYCERS and in the process of making a career change this information will allow me to make the best decision.
  6. According to the city-data website regarding O/C (outstanding certification) of exam #6601. List #32** will be the last number that is going to be called for O/C Outstanding Certification and the deadline is 4/22/18. Now whether transit will continue to forward higher list numbers to O/C remains to be seen. I will be checking back around June to check if any changes have been made with list #6601.
  7. I certainly agree on how many vacancies will become available over an 4 year period and whether exam #6601 can be extended prior to the 4 year cut off. MTA under estimated how many applicants were going to file for this exam. If 32k+ passed the exam, when you equate the total from a financial aspect MTA profited $1,920,000+ not totaling applicants who failed the exam. Although higher list numbers may not have the opportunity to become potential candidates. At what point do you conduct an analysis to compare whether the number of applicants supercede vacancies that will become available.
  8. According to this data set, the last certification for Conductor exam #8094 occured on 10/24/2017. As mentioned in a previous thread, the possibility of MTA hiring 32k+ conductors is next to none. I hope all candidates were able to have 100% guarantee of being hired.
  9. Thanks so much for taking the time to research and providing us with the information.
  10. I agree there are several promotional exams being given during the next few months. Also, you must consider the OPA Exam, Medical, Back Ground Investigation & Drug Test. This is where the process of elimination begins.
  11. Okay..Congratulations on your score & wish you the best.
  12. How long ago were the first round of OPA Notices mailed out?
  13. My list number is 8x..with a score of 93.xx
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