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  1. Hello everyone, just setting up a post where we can share our progress during the hiring process. April 23 was the exam deadline, the MTA will be testing us on either Saturday August 3rd, or Sunday August 4th. If you’ve taken a past exam, please feel free to post what to study for the exam, and if you have any other tips. Good Luck all.
  2. i have passed the initial written exam and the sterling background check for Metro Norths 3rd Rail Electrician position. Any one have an idea on what to study up on before my interview next week?
  3. Good Afternoon, i have passed the initial written exam and the sterling background check for Metro Norths 3rd Rail Electrician position. I am now scheduled for an interview next week. The email I received simply has the date and time, it does not say what topics will be covered in the interview. I was told by a MNR employee that they will most likely do a quiz with 1 HR rep and a foreman from the department I’m applying to. Does any one have any tips on what to study, or how to prepare? Just looking for some guidance. Feel free to leave a message or message me. thank you in advance.
  4. Hi guys has any one taking the medical and physical agility test?
  5. FYI it’s free if you show the conductors that you have an invite to the open house. so if you get invited back or if you get called for another job there you go.
  6. SUPER SILLY QUESTION, BUT PLEASE HUMOR ME: A friend of mine passed the initial exam and interview at the open house last month. he has perfect credit, great work experience... however, the genius now has a pending DUI case where he refused to blow when pulled over at the DUI CHECKPOINT. is there any chance at all he gets hired? i Told him go thru the process still , be honest, pray to god and wish on the stars. Personally, I think there’s no chance in hell he gets hired.
  7. Take the job that is Guaranteed. you’re time towards retirement starts the day you start with MNR, and it rolls over to LIRR if you get called for that. MNR WILL NOT IMPEDE YOU BEING HIRED BY THE LIRR.
  8. Take the A/C position. you will have absolutely no trouble resigning and taking the T/O position if you are called next year. dont take chance of you rejecting A/C , and finding out for some reason you don’t qualify for T/O In one year brother. my brother in law was a Probe Trackworker and resigned for the T/O position just last year. be safe, keep your nose clean and stay hireable for the next exam.
  9. Exactly, it’s just a matter if they select your resume and file again when you apply next time. maybe you get lucky and called again maybe not. You certainly don’t get black balled.
  10. Hey, yes I did. however, I was called via telephone and asked if i would like to test out for the M of E position or Third Rail. After I made my choice, I received an email last night telling me to confirm my attendance in September. I hear they are seriously hurting for people in the skilled trades, just keep posting bro, I’m sure the call or email will come soon.
  11. I heard 490s on the phone, and when I got it in writing I was in the 4990s. essentially from number 500 to number 5k. Huge difference. Thats why why I ask is this even a possiblitly
  12. So I called in since I never received my score and this Monday, transit told me I had list 49*. however, when I stopped by Livingston st for another application, I asked for my list number on paper I have a 4,99*. With a score of 88. The lady at the window said don’t quote her, but they got to almost 10k last time and I should get called in a few years. Is there any truth to this? Or should I just forget about it and worry about other civil service jobs and the two B/O exams this month and next? thanks in advance
  13. See you there man. I’m already studying the Info in the attachment.
  14. I’m in the same boat brother, the interviewer said he will recommend me. So I hope I pass the background and credit check(my credit sucks). The gentleman said keep an eye out and he said it’s usually 2-3 weeks after the exam so I guess we’ll see. Side note: the way they call names out to let you know you failed made my heart skip a beat lol.

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