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  1. This is a pretty silly question, they call you based on how you score on the exam. So aim for a 100 so you can be called back sooner than later. If if you take a look at the scores on the Open list from Dcas a 85 or so is putting you in the late 300s or 400s for exam 8611. it will probably be more competitive on the next exam.
  2. What’s up Danger, any clue if they are hiring another Third Railman class anytime soon? Ive kinda been at a standstill since the interview 2 months ago.
  3. For the S&D definitions portion, will we be given the names, and asked to define them word for word or vice versa? thank you in advance.
  4. Overview Class this coming Monday. Exam is August 26th.
  5. I’ve completed the written exam, background check, Practial exam and panel interview. I was told there are no classes being scheduled at this time, but to keep an eye on my emails as that can all change very quickly. MNRR employees I’ve spoken too said they keep hearing the freeze should be gone by fall. So i guess I’ll just wait.
  6. I’m waiting a call back too. Keep me posted on your status please, I will do the same.
  7. Bro, it’s better than not being hired. Go forth And prosper. Hoping to get the call soon. I’m in the low 400s but I had also signed up for the next exam.
  8. Does any one know when the next S&D Overview Class is? Passed the written exam and interview the first week on June, still waiting back for my invite. should I reach out to HR? Or keep waiting?
  9. Was any one from the June 6th or later open houses invited for the Assistant conductor overview yet?
  10. You know what, you’re absolutely right. Thank you for the advice! I will start today. Sounds like a good approach.
  11. Hey guys, I’m studying the S&D what is the best quizlet to review? Thanks
  12. Very standard questions, take your time and you will pass. Its cognitive questions and vocabulary. Finally a math portion. you really can’t prepare for it.

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