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  1. Yes, I was told that I’m just waiting approval. I have no negative factors in my background or criminal history, and I was already informed I passed the toxicology and medical. guess I’m just overthinking it since I’ve completed the process in July. but I keep seeing the position get posted online every two weeks.
  2. Any clue what it means if the keep posting for the position online? I’ve completed my medical and criminal background check as of July, but I’m still waiting on hire date. Is it possible they don’t hire you after the whole process?
  3. Just be patient, no way to tell. I tested out for two different exams, I was called for an interview for one in 1 weeks time, and for the other position it took 3 months. next is the interview, followed by a physical ability test, and finally a medical and criminal background check. My current process stated in January. Hopefully I get hired soon.
  4. Took a week and when I spoke to recruiter she said I was cleared but now waiting for a class to start,
  5. Not sure if it’s the same at all but I had one for Third Railman and it consisted of walking the tracks, picking up some box and going up and down stairs. really simple don’t sweat it at all.
  6. Looks like I got 2 wrong giving me a 95% based on the current proposed Answer key. web.mta.info/nyct/hr/proposed_answerkey.htm
  7. I would absolutely call my recruiter if that was the case, what position is this for? I’ve been told 3 different times by recruiter that they were anticipating a start date on let’s say August 12 then August 19 and now they are expecting a start date in the last week of September or beginning of October. So they might be having issues getting the classes approved as of yet. I have been told my medical cleared as well as my criminal background check, and that I’m just going to have to sit tight for the next class, so I feel your pain. I have received a start date email yet tho.
  8. Yeah exactly. mind if I ask what position you’re going for?
  9. Yeah you should be fine, what position is your PAT for and when ?

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