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  1. Track Worker 3600 Hiring Process

    Thanks Young you are the best
  2. Track Worker 3600 Hiring Process

    To clarify I have never been removed from the list. I was incorrectly told I was removed. But now with the class hiring people with numbers above me I will be removed, right? Regardless of whether I show up to pre employment or not on Monday?
  3. Track Worker 3600 Hiring Process

    One more question. So when I'm taken off the list...then recertify myself...do I get removed again if I miss another hiring class?
  4. Track Worker 3600 Hiring Process

    So is it safe to assume someone like me that would be just doing my pre employment paperwork/drug test on next week has zero shot of getting into 4/2 class?
  5. Track Worker 3600 Hiring Process

    *before they hire someone with
  6. Track Worker 3600 Hiring Process

    Did anybody get any new pre employment letters? I'm 272* (very close to losing my spot and having to reinstate)....I did my address change last month so I could get a new pre employment invite. Still waiting. Am I gonna miss the cut on the next class and have to reinstate myself most likely? Or could pre employment to final processing go quick enough that I sneak into the next class before they hire win someone with a higher list number than me?
  7. Track Worker 3600 Hiring Process

    Thank you for the quick reply!
  8. Track Worker 3600 Hiring Process

    Did anybody else get this? Is it safe to assume that I have a 2 out of 3 chance of getting the job due to this rule? Not sure if I can risk things with my current employer and spend all that money on flying back and forth if they are pulling the 4.7.1C stuff with this exam.
  9. Track Worker 3600 Hiring Process

    Hey guys help needed!!! My list number is 272* I was asked to report the employment center on 9/13 but never updated my mailing address (I moved to Florida)....I sent my reinstatement letter to DCAS as instructed on Thursday. Did i lose this opportunity or will I be invited to pre-employment soon? Any help would be appreciated as if I get a pre employment letter ill be on that first flight up to NY!!


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