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  1. Thank you, can't wait to actually get started!
  2. my medical is scheduled for next Tuesday, does your background check say clear?
  3. Happy new year everyone! just want to say good luck to everyone starting on the 9th, let us know how it goes
  4. I think someone mentioned there was a S&D test on December 14th, I don't know if that was the one they were in though
  5. do you have to pay for W2s from social security office or is it free?
  6. yeah she asked if I was interested in February 13th class, but you did background check already right? I'm sure you'll hear something soon about the medical
  7. I just got the email this morning for background check and the February 13th class!!
  8. The January class is probably full now, if there's a February class you will probably get contacted in December/January for background and physical
  9. I passed in October, still nothing I think it's going to be a little while until we hear something
  10. how's everyone's background checks going? @Cdima123 did you get an email yet for background check?
  11. I never did more then like 4 definitions a day, maybe start with signals, if you do stop signal and restricting before you know it you got about 15 down in a matter of 30 min, just a little confidence boost lol. but keep at it I felt like that when I started too, you got 5 weeks use all the time you can to study Good luck!
  12. hey just wondering does anyone know if there was any other S&D groups between July and when I took exam in October? just trying to figure out how long I might have to wait
  13. hey There isn't any set time frame when you get called for the class, just whenever they have a schedule, but right now it seems really backed up some people passed in May and still waiting. As for studying I did about 7-10 definitions/signals a day and about 3-4 hours a day every day.
  14. it was one of the transportation managers, they didn't say anything about other positions though
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