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  1. I just called yesterday afternoon but forgot to post. They are up to 952 for final processing as of 3/15.
  2. hmc is right then. They may have mixed up your email. Try to call them tmrw. Did you have any large gaps in employment or anything else they’d have an issue with maybe?
  3. Did you go for Pre-employment? Or did you never get a letter?
  4. I’m assuming maybe in this particular batch of people it’s not often that they’re finding people with a 4 year gap in employment? I’m not sure if that’s what the issue would be in your case, but from what I’ve read they don’t even bother inviting you for final processing if they use the 1 in 3 rule for your application. I can’t imagine why they’d have you come again for the permanent position process if it was a problem for them during the provisional process as well. That’s ridiculous.
  5. PSA: They are up to 832 for final processing as of today!
  6. You’re right. I forgot about that. It’s a little silly that they’d even use that rule to weed out people the first few months of hiring, considering they have about 2600 more people to run through before the list is completely gone through. Edit: I read up on this. Apparently your employment history can be used against you, especially if you’ve previously been with the MTA and were fired. I’m assuming they will take other things into consideration such as how many times you were fired from previous employments, education history etc in the case that you are “considered” and ultimately “not selected”. Basically, if it’s between you and two others for that particular position to fill, only one of you will be selected. And in some cases, you can have a better list number but if your credentials or history are at all lacking compared to someone slightly below you, they may opt to move further with that candidate instead. The only way you will be removed from the list, however, is if this happens to you 3 different times. In other words, if you’re not selected when being one of three eligible for 3 consecutive positions. Even then, you can request to be restored to the list. This happens before background checks are even done, so besides your exam score I am assuming the pre-employment packet is the only thing being used in consideration here.
  7. You’re right. I forgot about that. It’s a little silly that they’d even use that rule to weed out people the first few months of hiring, considering they have about 2600 more people to run through before the list is completely gone through.
  8. That’s odd. Under what criteria would they not offer the position to someone? Or do you mean, people who they never bothered to send a pre-employment invitation to? There are no other requirements beyond passing the drug screening once you’re called in...
  9. As in they wanna get as many no shows and drug test failures outta the way sooner rather than later. Why rely on people further down the list that won’t even show up when you can see for yourself now? Also see if they’re gonna pass a drug screening or not. It makes sense I guess.
  10. I think anyone who posts on this forum regularly clearly wants it bad enough. I’ve been to 180 Livingston about 5 times in the last 6 months so I’m completely fine with going 2 more times if necessary to get the job. It might be harsh to say, but the more people that aren’t showing up or didn’t bother to update their addresses, the better for everyone else. Passing a drug screening and being forthcoming about your employment history aren’t terribly difficult to achieve... the less people that decide to become a part of the process, the more likely we get called sooner.
  11. This. I’m also guessing having people come in for multiple drug tests helps them to get rid of even more prospective people. Some I imagine won’t want to be bothered coming in a second time, others may fail a subsequent drug test even if they passed the first.
  12. I’m assuming they’re rushing through the list to A) get rid of some people that don’t show up or fail to respond, B) get rid of people who fail the drug test. I can’t say how many people aren’t getting their letters, but they clearly have enough people showing up and passing considering they were up to 516 the last time I called... and assuming you called recently, they’re still up to 516.
  13. There’s only so many people they can put in each monthly class for station agent, but for whatever reason they’re trying to make the pool of people called for final processing as small as possible by sending the majority of individuals on the list for their drug tests now rather than later. I guess it just makes it easier for them to exhaust the list that way.
  14. You should have gotten one by now. Call the number I posted earlier in the thread tomorrow morning after 10am. That’s when she usually answers. Your drug screening invitation definitely got lost in the mail.

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