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  1. I’m deeply sorry to anyone on this list waiting to get hired. Not only is there currently a hiring freeze, but the pick books for winter 2021 released indicate there will undoubtedly be 100’s of job cuts to this position. The layoffs will ensure that no one is called off of this list for a long time...
  2. They were maybe 3 others when I was there for station agent? When I signed in, there was only one other name on the sheet. And from what I’m seeing it’s moving quick. I was 127* and they’re pretty far from there already. That was last Wednesday, 1/29.
  3. Yes, I got sworn in. We’re in that boat together, so don’t worry. I highly doubt they’re going to dismiss us later on because we had an off the books job at some point in our careers. By and large, I’m sure you’ve worked on the books same as me.
  4. It didn’t even come up during my final processing. My dad worked for Transit for 35 years and according to him he had an off the books job for a while. Several of them. I don’t know if it’s different now than back in the day, but he told me not to worry about it. I had an off the books job listed for 6 months. Even put the $5 an hour plus tips as the wage. If they bring it up later on, i’d just say you were unaware that it was a problem and say you’d pay the taxes back (because that would be the only issue they’d probably have with it). I didn’t want to lie on the form. From my understanding the only city agency that makes a huge deal about off the books is NYPD.
  5. Does anyone know if I’m supposed to wear work pants (dickies), or dress pants to orientation? And for shoes, are the boots acceptable? Or do I have to wear dress shoes? My father got me the boots ahead of time. As for shoes, blue dress shirt with no markings seems self explanatory.
  6. Oh boy. I thought they only do the randoms for safety sensitive positions? So I might have to go down there again for drug tests? Those chairs really are the worst. and old convictions don’t matter as long as you’re honest with them. I never got convicted but I was arrested once and had a few summons on my record. I brought them everything I ever got from both counties I ever got into trouble in.
  7. I was 127*. Last I asked they were up to 1300 exactly. Not sure where they’re at today. I’d call to check. Thanks man. I appreciate it. Hopeful that I’ll never have to sit in that steel chaired room again lol.
  8. Just got sworn in for the 2/17 class. Good luck to everybody who’s still waiting! Feels like this will be going for a while so don’t worry.
  9. 127*. They told me on the phone yesterday they’re up to 1300.
  10. I’m sorry I didn’t answer this earlier, but she gave me no information about future classes. The fact I got into this one only confirms what we already knew about two February classes. as for the blank money order, I have that on hand. Along with SS card, birth certificate, HS diploma, and of course my driver’s license to go along with 21 page employment booklet. You have to bring this stuff every time. Also, PSA to anyone who has any prior arrest, summons, etc: get copies of your dispositions from whatever county courthouses necessary. I did this ahead of time because I read up on it. Otherwise, when they fingerprint you and you’re in the system, the process will be put on hold until HR gets a hold of those dispositions.
  11. You just made me feel a lot better about it. I just didn’t want to lie or omit anything. Plus being unemployed for 10 months sounds unbelievable when I have so many bills in my name lol. i already got my disposition for my only Arrest and 4 summons in my lifetime in preparation for the fingerprinting. I’m sure they will come up. Don’t want to have to leave and come back for any reason tomorrow.
  12. Hey everyone, just a quick update. I’m going in for final processing tomorrow. If all goes well I will be in the 2/17 class. A little nervous about the background check only because I have one previous job that was off the books. I was there for over 6 months (delivery driver). I wrote in my booklet that it was off the books too because I know they won’t find it with SS#. But I know the city generally doesn’t look too kindly on off the books jobs, and I already included it in the preemployment packet.
  13. Maybe she meant 1219? I spoke with Ms. Watson on Wednesday, and she said they were currently up to 1218. With that being said, the class date of 2/3 is definitely accurate because she also said that. I didn’t know about 2/17 though. That’s great if they keep it up at that pace for the next couple of months.
  14. I don’t think that list number could be accurate, only because I was there a week ago for the drug test and never got an email to come back. And I’m 100% positive that my drug test is clean lol. For reference, I’m 127*.
  15. I’m referring to the packet with the employment history and school history, etc. the one you fill out to bring in with your diploma, SS card, etc. The other, larger packet I still have from the last time. That is the one you receive in the brown envelope, which is the one I think you’re referring to. I filled it out already so luckily all I’ll have to do now is copy it onto the new one. That makes me happy. I’m assuming within the next two classes. I know I’m passing a drug test, and I’ve only ever been arrested one time, which was a DAT that got ACD’d. So besides grabbing that disposition from the court house, I think I should be good to go. I’ll keep everyone posted.
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