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  1. I just called a minute ago. They are still up to 1216, no current vacancies at the moment. So no classes scheduled as of this time. Mrs. Watson didn’t say this, but I imagine there will be more vacancies coming by early next year. So by then, I believe it will start up again
  2. I called a few days ago and they are up to 1216 for final processing. I imagine there will be a couple of more classes before year’s end. i imagine that bodes well for anyone else like me who’s in the next 100 list numbers.
  3. Does anyone know if they have any more scheduled classes coming up?
  4. I called two days ago, and they are up to list number 1215.
  5. I wouldn’t worry guys. I haven’t heard back either and mine expired in April. It’s probably just not cost-efficient for them to schedule more drug tests until they know they’re about to schedule more classes. I’m sure that’ll happen by the end of the year.
  6. No one need panic about this. There will surely be more vacancies in the 3 and a half year period that the list will be current for. I wouldn’t worry too much about this - it might take the rest of the year but they’ll start calling again. There’s no way there will be 0 vacancies for that long. People retire every year.
  7. Has anyone been able to get through to Mrs. Watson? My attempts to call the last week and half, there’s never any answer. Maybe she’s on vacation?
  8. I’ve been trying to reach Ms. Watson for the last couple of days because I’m not sure how this goes: I was in for PE on 1/24, and 4/24 will make 90 days. Regardless of whether they’re calling off the list at the current time, don’t I need to submit another sample in that time frame? It’s 2 weeks away. I’m assuming she’s on vacation or something this week because I haven’t been able to reach her.
  9. As of right now there aren’t any new classes scheduled for Station Agent. Mrs. Watson informed me that she doesn’t know when and if new ones will be scheduled because the department relays that information to her. And then HR will subsequently call in more people from the list for new drug tests past the 30 day mark and then final processing shortly after. So as of right now, there aren’t more classes scheduled but that doesn’t mean there won’t be soon enough. She was purposely vague as usual, but I suspect there might be a short pause for a month or two. I’m speculating based on my experience with MTA hiring process so they don’t take that as fact guys.
  10. I’ll call tomorrow to try and see if they’re done scheduling classes for now. If I remember right they paused for a week or so when they got into the 500s or 700s. I can’t remember.
  11. I called today and they’re still up to 1138. Hopefully it will keep moving for the next couple of months at least.
  12. I just called yesterday afternoon but forgot to post. They are up to 952 for final processing as of 3/15.
  13. hmc is right then. They may have mixed up your email. Try to call them tmrw. Did you have any large gaps in employment or anything else they’d have an issue with maybe?
  14. Did you go for Pre-employment? Or did you never get a letter?
  15. I’m assuming maybe in this particular batch of people it’s not often that they’re finding people with a 4 year gap in employment? I’m not sure if that’s what the issue would be in your case, but from what I’ve read they don’t even bother inviting you for final processing if they use the 1 in 3 rule for your application. I can’t imagine why they’d have you come again for the permanent position process if it was a problem for them during the provisional process as well. That’s ridiculous.

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