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  1. Are they doing the March 30th class? I am in March 16th class as well.
  2. Oh And to the permit Men and women. The MTA has a really great learning setup. Like top notch. If i was to compare with a driving school, your basically getting like 8000 bucks worth of driving school. You'll have plenty of time to learn the DMV road test and all that extra good stuff. We got to visit where they train. I am super impressed.
  3. Yeah it was to keep us spread out. Eventually we all met up by JFK and did learned a few different models of buses. The Xcelsior/nova is nice but the brake system is a bit different. Got used to it after a few stops but all in all its been good. have to go to a different depot monday. Still have not gotten to do a pick yet. There was a lot of people who had to go to day 9 and there are some that still have to go to day 10. I wish them well.
  4. probably spread out the students. some are going to jamaica and some are going to a few other depots. all with day 7 qualified. they just don't want us to congregate.
  5. I do not know. my day 7 paper states that I qualified for line training but we have to report to a different depot tomorrow. was at queens village. Have to go to different one tomorrow. I did not get any remarks just a congrats and a pass. but i Beleive it may have something to do with the city being in an emergency.... Ill let you guys know whats up. The superintendent said that things are being done different with my class most likely because of the pandemic.
  6. Day 7, Passed for class 3-16-2020 Qualified for line training. Not sure what happens next they gave me instructions for tomorrow but it feels good!! The last 7 days of training I have been lysoling the bus before we use it!!!!!!! Hope everyone is staying safe out there.
  7. That is good man I am glad you made it through. I will keep you all posted on my experience.
  8. Just finished day 3 at queens village depot. So much to learn. I thought by getting my cdl bp before I went in I would have more experience but this is like learning to drive again the mta way. serious stuff. I have an superintendent that is training us. This man is very smart and detailed decades of experience. DOES NOT MISS A THING. This is so much more then I expected.... Tomorrow is going to be even more difficult but just if your about to go to orientation next class be prepared for commitment because this is life changing and 100 percent.
  9. Thanks, yeah i have to work till the weekend before start date....I am ready though I went and did the dmv road test already Bus Passenger and School bus...heard that takes a lot of the stress off then doing road test with transit.
  10. ok, ill most likely just use transit then. wanted to know because i usually drop my fiance off at her school. She teaches but that would be too early. I don't mind just taking Bus. Thanks for the good info though!!!!!!
  11. I was in by 8am and out by 10:30am. It seemed crowded for the pre employment but the final process today went real smooth, it was like I had appointments with all the different stations I had to complete. I would definitely recommend wearing dress shirt and tie for final because they take pictures for your metro card pass.
  12. Thanks. I am really happy this finally got done. I do have a question though. The itinerary paper states there is no parking at zerega. Is this a true statement or a precaution?
  13. Good news for me, I got thru the final process. Going to March 16th 2020 class. I did not realize they swear you in, felt like when I joined the navy. Very similar. List ^^^15**
  14. Thanks for the info....I will post my experience tomorrow when I get home. ^^^^^15**
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