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  1. Well Im sure it will work out. If not whats another month or two. It has been a long time since we paid for the exam. Good luck!!! let us know whats up.
  2. Thanks so you got into the class this month?
  3. Went to P/E Tuesday the 11/12/19 got there at 7am and was done by 11:30am. Hopefully get a call for medical soon!!!
  4. +Young+ Could I private message you??
  5. Ok so I might have to go to Social Security office and have a lifetime employment printed. Because I do not have the dates past ten years.
  6. Background checks? and Employment verification. Do we need to know or prove everything from 20 years ago? Or is it just 10 years.
  7. ok Yeah your right. lol Crazy I think I am just going to bring it so its in my file. What about prior arrests? no convictions.
  8. Thanks for the input. I have a feeling I may have 2 pre employment dates as well. I will have to get a copy of it. Also I have a disposition letter pertaining to something that happen over 10 years ago. No conviction but it was an arrest.
  9. Wow...Do i need to have High School Diploma?
  10. Just received Email to come in NOV. 12 th for pre employment. What should i expect .??
  11. Ok thanks. I have two but i opened 1 of them. Ill request a few more just in case.
  12. Funny thing. I went to call to verify the court date, and they told me it was dismissed October last year, 1 month after I received the ticket but I never got a letter saying it was dismissed. So they said case closed no points on abstract. I did request a letter of disposition and have received it. Question do i still need to disclose this? Even though I never actually had to go to court.
  13. So I took bOSS exam end of July last year. If i do not get called in before that date I will have to retake BOSS exam again? ? list 15**

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