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  1. What does it mean to be out of compliance in reference to 19a. I did my 19a yearly re-certification. Handed paper in. Get a call that I am out of compliance.
  2. Yes all MTA offices will reopen July 6, 2020 according to the employee text that was sent out. As far as DMV in nyc, read https://dmv.ny.gov/more-info/dmv-reopening-guidance. I know for a fact bus operator class 3:16:2020 has started to get ball rolling again. I am still working on temp assignment for campaign disinfect all busses every 24 hours at mother clara hale depot. Some of the permit folks have went to training center for DMV road test. I think as long as this virus/disease does not flare up as it horribly as it was they will START getting people in for final processing in July.
  3. https://dmv.ny.gov/dmv/whats-open
  4. https://dmv.ny.gov/dmv/whats-open
  5. They did have the antibody test there at 180 livingston street when i was there. they just took blood was on the 4th floor some lab company was doing it. they test it and you get results in a few days. But its availible to ALL MTA employees. Not sure if you got your pass number yet.
  6. I cant believe how many people declined. I understand if you got family and all but all you got to do is spend a few extra moments and disinfect yourself before you go home.
  7. Mother Clara hale, Its pretty close I live by yankee stadium. But as far as pick for operator hopefully tuskegee airman
  8. Just to let some of you know. Due to the pandemic in our city class 3:16:2020 and other classes before us that didn't get to continue have been given option to continue as Bus Cleaners or to stay home. I personally choose to help disinfect and clean buses because I am TA and I took an oath to defend our country and state all enemies foreign and domestic and corona virus is definitely considered an enemy. Ill let you guys know when class 3:16:2020 continues with bus operator training.
  9. I am assuming because things are going to start opening up in the near future hopefully.
  10. It was good. They was just checking us out making sure we are healthy. Have to go to medical tomorrow for return to work check.
  11. Ok cool thanks. I just want to work again but going in for that is no problem. Get me out of the house.
  12. Got a call this morning to come in Wednesday 7am.
  13. Yeah..Not everyone got a call.
  14. No i had taken the CDL Road test a few years ago after i found out i passed exam 7612. I do know that because of covid everything is on pause and that you will be granted a few extra months. I would read the NY DMV website to find out the details. As far as the road test i went to Ferrari driving school and did it that way but however MTA has a really great program if you just hold on and when you get in they will teach you everything you need to pass while getting paid instead of paying a driving school. Also on top of all that. Before i got my cdl for bus and passenger I had been a truck driver class A. So when i went in I had a lot of experience driving large vehicles and it doesn't matter they are going to teach you how to drive an mta bus so weather you have cdl or not it was like learning how to drive again.
  15. Ok yeah. Sounds like it. I am TA. my friend thats same class is TA but no call yet either. But you guys originally applied a lot longer before exam 7612. Let us know whats up

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