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  1. I live in brooklyn, and drove to staten island to renew my permit. I don't think theres any issue.
  2. Alright, we good now lol. I go tomorrow for medical. God willing ill pass that Ill see you guys sunday I already did finger printing and the 21 page booklet in march. So im ready to go. Not nervous at all. Im excited.
  3. Nice. If they call me today to come in tomorrow I might have a shot.
  4. Did my drug test last Friday. I doubt will I'll be in training for the 27th. Have not been called for medical. Probably the next class.
  5. Congratulations. Thats awesome news.
  6. If you don't have a scanner, take a good picture of the each paper you signed. I recommend testing or reviewing each paper you take a picture of. Then when its good send them.
  7. Did the drug test friday. In and out in an hour.
  8. Sign everything and date it. Scan all pages with signed pages and send it back. This way everything is intact and not all over the place.
  9. That is exactly what I did. Left everything blank but signed and dated. Its only necessary if you're going to work outside the MTA. No big deal.
  10. This is the same thing. 10 years work history is what their looking for. If you can rememeber dates and other places the better you worked the better. In the past theres been cases were people get called in for questionable things they left out. I don't remember what. But the more information you put the better the process for you. Work history, places you lived the last 10 years, the more the better. Gets it out of the way.
  11. I sent to employmentcenterbuses@nyct.com You don't have a pass number, dont put anything there. Just your name, and date sign it.
  12. Driveres license, cdl permit, social security and birth certificate is fine, you don't need a high school diploma for this position. You can send the passport photo too if you want.
  13. Heres the thing. I've done this 3 or 4 times. 3 times physically at 180 livingston. And the 4th online. When we were at 180 livingston they would tell us that they need not just 10 years work history but every where you have worked. As far as you can go. It was a must. In march before covid and I was sworn in, the gentleman was doing an orientation for another position. And he was going over the same application. He said that we usually ask for more than 10 years work history. But we are being more lenient. So if 10 years is all you have just put that down. Those were his words in march. Might not be 100 percent. But I believe it is from now on. Just don't leave gaps in months or dates. If you were unemployed put that down month and year unemployed. So bottom line I think they're just doing 10 years work history if thats what you have. On my own applications ive put more than 10 years. And those preparing should still put more than 10 years. And if you need more paper, we have pdf files for extra paper on the forum files.
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