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  1. This is b.s. I got called in for the nov 25th class. I didn't make it cause I was on medical hold. I did the sleep apnea for 1 month and then reinstate myself that day when I get cleared. I even got a letter from dcas stating that I am back on the list. But I called today and she said they don't expect another class for 7612 until maybe end of February or March. So that means my medical clearance is no longer valid or it will expire. And once it expires because when you're off medical hold you have 2 months. So you have to do the same process again. This is such a scam. I'm back on the list, my medical clearance is good till February. But no class till around March. This is nonsense. I almost through the phone. And now they're calling off 4600. I'm tired of this. I'll give it 2 weeks and I'm done with this mta employment nonsense. I waited almost 15 hrs the day before I got cleared medical hold. Paid for parking 3 times like 60 dollars and thats not even including the sleep study tests and the machine and the time i wasted not going to work. And now this..
  2. Memorandum of Agreement & Departmental agreements (PDF) http://www.twulocal100.org/sites/twulocal100.org/files/2019_moa__departmentals_.pdf Young just look the bus sections. Its in there.
  3. You don't have to bring in the receipt but its physical proof that they see your reinstatement and there's not going to be a mishap if they ever miss you. Because they have it. Which is good for you and them. They see your serious. I'm ready. Been waiting a while. Last year for the mabstoa I was not really ready. But for this one, I'm ready.
  4. Do things one at a time. You'll get your clearance, as soon as you're cleared you go to window 3, she'll tell you you have to be reinstated which is nothing new. Once you go to dcas and reinstate you'll get your reciept and take that back to 180 livingston. And then go from there. Check with them once a week until you're in.
  5. Yes. If you get called in for medical but you don't make it to that class date (because youre on hold) you have have to reinstate unless they have another really close training date. If there isnt another closer training date they will tell you to go to DCAS at 1 centre street. Its easy to reinstate. 1 centre street 21st floor, you sign in, she asks whats your list number is and social. You fill out a form, very small basic form. She will look you up, and give you a receipt. When you get your receipt go back to 180 livingston and give them that reciept. And call 180 Livingston in a week for an update. They'll take a copy of your reinstatement and its proof you did all the right things. They're up to 1500s on the list.
  6. I can confirm, december 9th class was cancelled. And It may be because of the holidays. I am off the medical hold. The same day they took me off medical hold, I reinstated myself back on or I went to DCAS to reinstate myself immediately. No rush. I took drug test in november. Im going to call and ask when I gotta take another one. Medical is good for 3 months I heard. ALSO, I read some of the twu local 100 updated contracts. I am not sure, but I think they are going to move training for bus operators to brooklyn. But I am not sure. I dont understand some of the lingo/mta abbreivations. I could be wrong.
  7. Believe it or not. I love the cpap machine. I sleep better than people who don't need it. I feel like I slept 14 hrs when I only slept 7. I get up energized.
  8. The next class for this exam is 11/25. I got my medical letter number 14xx.
  9. Hey young. If I'm medical hold for another exam and I get called in for another position, can I get my doctors letter and sleep study stuff ready ? So when I go for the medical I'll have everything ready anyway ? I'm still on medical hold for the other bus operator position but I have everything ready. As a matter of fact I'm at the doctors right now to get a new updated letter. And anyone needing to get the cdl permit use cristcdl.com. very similar to the DMV questions.
  10. Gotcha. When I get called for medical I'm going to ask them if I can redo the questionnaire again.
  11. Whats up everyone ? I got called in for 7612, I did the pre employment. I am also on medical hold for the other matsoaba bus operator exam, whatever you call it thats not civil service. I reinstated myself back on that list after being on medical hold. Once im back in on that list, theyre supposed to get back to me to finish medical. I did the sleep apnea compliance thing. I went to my doctor, did everything they asked. I got a letter from my doctor saying im good. Sleep apnea is good, I got the machine. I got my compliance report. Its ready. ANYWAY while that was happening, i got preemployment letter for 7612, I did the preemployment went to do the drug test, I finished everything in 3 hrs. And they gave me the CPD booklet. Now my question is because my questineere dates for employment might be off, they are accurate, but I want to be extra accurate. I want to fill gap times. Will they allow me to adjust or fix my questioneere ? Because im going to put down even more accurate work history etc etc on the CPD ? ALSO everyone you can extend your cdl-permit 1 time. I did that already at the dmv. I had too. It almost expired.
  12. So finally I did the sleep apnea test. Took long I had issues with my insurance. The mta said they wanted 1 month of the cpac. But after I took the first sleep apnea study over night. The sleep apnea staff said I don't have sleep apnea and I slept without any issues. Will this be acceptable you think ?. Waiting for paper work from doctors. To take off medical hold. When I have it do I go back to 180 livingston or reestablish my number back on list or what ?
  13. Bring blue pens for the applications. You're going to be dealing with counter 3. They're going to check for cdl, identifications etc. They're going to tell you to fill out the paper work and sign it but don't put any dates on it. And they're going to tell you NOT TO FILL OUT THE PENSION PART. WHEN YOU GET TO PENSIONS PART STOP. She will then tell you to move to the other part towards medical. They will call by your ticket. The lady at the medical counter will call you up and give you instructions for the computer. It's a medical survey yes or no. Then you go back to the counter. And then you will sit down and wait to be called in for medical. This is for medical.
  14. When you get a call or notice. Confirm that its correct while they are talking to you. And then later on if you can. Sometimes these things happen. I know a guy came all the way from long island for no reason. Happens.
  15. Okay so I went in today for medical. Make sure you have a blue ball pen. Fill out the information they give you. Don't put any dates. When you get to pensions dont do anything. Now medical. I have blood pressure, they check your blood pressure. Mine was high. So they said no problem relax, so we take the eye exam, weight and height. We go back to blood pressure. Still kind of high, no problem will check again in a few. So now we have to do ekg. This monitor's the heart rate as well. And does a print out at the end. They monitored me for about 20 minutes. Btw shirt is off and belt. Pants you keep on. Blood pressure was still high. So they said let's get a hearing test. So we do a hearing test. I'm sure you guys have done this before when you're kids. Push the button when you hear the beeps. So now we go back to the ekg room. I lay there for about 25 or 30 min. Almost sleep. They check my blood pressure without the machine. Now I'm getting okay readings. They send me back to the lobby. I wait. I get called back by one of the supervisors. She looks at what was done to me today. Makes you do some simple yoga tai chi maneuvers. Very good she writes everything down. Then she said your blood pressure very high. She checks it. Yes. Asks me half a dozen medical questions. And then checks neck size. So she recommends I go to my doctor get whatever they're asking and get a referral for a sleep apnea test. I don't how long of a study for the sleep apnea test is. But I'm wondering if i can do both within a week. I knew this was going to happen. I saw guys as big as houses working for the mta. I'm sure they've all have been on medical hold. Also anyone going to medical hold, don't sweat it. I saw a guy weighing 185 pounds get put on medical hold. Alot of people go through this. So just relax and try to get it done as soon as you can. Alot of us are stressed and have high blood pressure. Also she said that 159 is borderline pass or fail. That's what she told me. But that depends on your BMI. If you got a certain BMI with high blood pressure that's instant medical hold and sleep apnea test.
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