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  1. Is there a way to get a heads up on the bus operator or mta jargon ? Like what does RTO mean ? What's a swing mean ? What's the word for abbreviations for over time and overtime earned ? What's a run ? Stuff like that.
  2. Btw I renewed my cdl permit like March 11th. That very afternoon I had the call to come in for training at zerega for March 30th. The first thing she said was hi we would like to invite you to come in to training for bus operator on March 30th, BUT your cdl permit is expiring March 12, and then I told her no worries I just renewed just now from the DMV. She said excellent come in March 30th. Obviously its been postponed. DMV is not going to open until maybe April 17th. Hopefully by then we will hear back from zerega. Zerega had a March 16 training class and even when they postponed the March 30th class a week before they were still in training. So I'm guessing it's because the DMV is closed. And they want to social distance everyone. Which is a good idea. Glad we got some scoops on training and im reading the hand outs young posted. Do you really have to carry the rule book everywhere ? I thought that was hilarious.
  3. The dmv only allows you to renew your cdl permit 1 time. And you have to renew it in person. It doesnt let you renew it online. So you will have to take the cdl permit exam over again. But its actually not a bad thing. Because its basically a refresher. My cdl permit expired march 12th. Nothing has changed with the exams. The cristcdl website has the same questions 90 percent of the time. If anything the dmv questions are easier than cristcdl.
  4. I totally agree. Also so many people in the mta will retire because of this, and I know for a fact theres many people planning on retiring before this pandemic even happened. Train, busses, conductors, you name it. People will put their papers in as soon as they are able too. The jobs will open. Remember this list is the first train operator list in years. Its a slight snag guys. Before you know you will be there. Without people to run service for the city then there is no city. People will leave. Things have to get better. The country doesnt move without the MTA. They will get this sorted out. God willing.
  5. Congrats man. Everything is paying off. Good job. Stay safe everyone.
  6. No problem young. I want to also thank you young for your help. Much appreciated.
  7. Hey guys. I was going to be in the March 30th class. But its been postponed. They said they will inform when the next available class will be as soon as possible. I hope I don't have to reinstate myself again and go back to 180 livingston. The DMV is also closed so even if we had class they suspended road tests. I think thats part of the reason why because some trainees need cdl B licenses after training. But its okay. We waited this long I'll have to wait a couple more weeks. I'm optimistic. This situation we are in is going to pass guys. We will get through this. Stay safe guys. Stay as much as you can indoors and away from other people. Tomorrow they're going to start a treatment plan for people that are sick. Theres like 3 types. 1 is an anti-malaria treatment thats been around decades. And another treatment that takes plasma from someone who is recovered and injected into the body and fights this corona virus. And theres something else coming as well that I forgot what it is. But anyway don't let the anxiety overwhelm you. The reason why they're freaking out is because how contagious it is and how it's unknown and how it could overwhelm a hospital. Its still dangerous but just relax. The media and Mayor are still playing oogey boogie man. This mayor is the most incompetent mayer I have ever witnessed. Don't give in on his BS. He will give you more anxiety. Stay safe guys. By the time we are in the next class its going to be nicer weather.
  8. This is b.s. I got called in for the nov 25th class. I didn't make it cause I was on medical hold. I did the sleep apnea for 1 month and then reinstate myself that day when I get cleared. I even got a letter from dcas stating that I am back on the list. But I called today and she said they don't expect another class for 7612 until maybe end of February or March. So that means my medical clearance is no longer valid or it will expire. And once it expires because when you're off medical hold you have 2 months. So you have to do the same process again. This is such a scam. I'm back on the list, my medical clearance is good till February. But no class till around March. This is nonsense. I almost through the phone. And now they're calling off 4600. I'm tired of this. I'll give it 2 weeks and I'm done with this mta employment nonsense. I waited almost 15 hrs the day before I got cleared medical hold. Paid for parking 3 times like 60 dollars and thats not even including the sleep study tests and the machine and the time i wasted not going to work. And now this..
  9. Memorandum of Agreement & Departmental agreements (PDF) http://www.twulocal100.org/sites/twulocal100.org/files/2019_moa__departmentals_.pdf Young just look the bus sections. Its in there.
  10. You don't have to bring in the receipt but its physical proof that they see your reinstatement and there's not going to be a mishap if they ever miss you. Because they have it. Which is good for you and them. They see your serious. I'm ready. Been waiting a while. Last year for the mabstoa I was not really ready. But for this one, I'm ready.
  11. Do things one at a time. You'll get your clearance, as soon as you're cleared you go to window 3, she'll tell you you have to be reinstated which is nothing new. Once you go to dcas and reinstate you'll get your reciept and take that back to 180 livingston. And then go from there. Check with them once a week until you're in.
  12. Yes. If you get called in for medical but you don't make it to that class date (because youre on hold) you have have to reinstate unless they have another really close training date. If there isnt another closer training date they will tell you to go to DCAS at 1 centre street. Its easy to reinstate. 1 centre street 21st floor, you sign in, she asks whats your list number is and social. You fill out a form, very small basic form. She will look you up, and give you a receipt. When you get your receipt go back to 180 livingston and give them that reciept. And call 180 Livingston in a week for an update. They'll take a copy of your reinstatement and its proof you did all the right things. They're up to 1500s on the list.
  13. I can confirm, december 9th class was cancelled. And It may be because of the holidays. I am off the medical hold. The same day they took me off medical hold, I reinstated myself back on or I went to DCAS to reinstate myself immediately. No rush. I took drug test in november. Im going to call and ask when I gotta take another one. Medical is good for 3 months I heard. ALSO, I read some of the twu local 100 updated contracts. I am not sure, but I think they are going to move training for bus operators to brooklyn. But I am not sure. I dont understand some of the lingo/mta abbreivations. I could be wrong.
  14. Believe it or not. I love the cpap machine. I sleep better than people who don't need it. I feel like I slept 14 hrs when I only slept 7. I get up energized.
  15. The next class for this exam is 11/25. I got my medical letter number 14xx.
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