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  1. Just received an email today saying the exam has been postponed.
  2. Hi all. I also received a letter today for the exam scheduled on March 29
  3. Nothing here yet. I did send my application literally on the last day it was due but as long as it got postmarked it shouldn't be a problem
  4. I applied but didn't receive a letter yet. I think they said to contact them if you don't receive a letter 4 days BEFORE the exam date
  5. The exam is basic reading comprehension similar to other civil service exams you might have taken. I saw some sample practice exams posted here in these forums, maybe if someone knows they can post their exact location
  6. Is this position the same as station agent, working in the booths?
  7. I signed for the exam which is in March. At first I thought this was for the station agent position but now I'm not so sure. Does anyone know more about this?
  8. Anyone know when the next train operator or conductor exam will be given?
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