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    I know the posting is old but its what popped up when I typed in SIRTOA. I applied to SIRTOA but there was no mention of taking exams before you start training. Was I supposed to do something else before I applied?
  2. Thanks for the advice. This part is no problem. I'm tested on my other job. I was more curious than anything since they changed the rules for the tlc drug testing.my main issue was the whole "fat neck" means sleep apnea problem I heard about. I'm on blood pressure meds now so when I see my doctor tomorrow I have to ask him for something written for it. DOT didn't pass me for my blood pressure before I was on meds for a driving job.
  3. Hi I recently applied for a conductor position. I have a few questions. First I keep heating about medical hold. I already know I have high blood pressure and are taking meds for it. Should I go to my Dr before I go for medical to have a clearance letter handy? Are there any strict rules about tattoos? Will they still be testing for Marijuana even though it's legal in nyc now? And if so will a medical prescription be accepted?
  4. Hello.I applied for the Conductor SIRTOA position. But judging by what people are writing it looks like they wont be hiring me any time soon. Anyone know how long is this list for applicants?

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