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  1. Hello I am just going to follow your advice. I want you to know that I appreciate it very much. Now, I just have to get there on time. I am coming from Staten Island, so I will more than likely take the 278 to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, to the FDR, to the Willis Ave Bridge, to the Bruckner and get off at Zarega Ave. I hope that'll be the best route. Have a good and safe weekend. John
  2. Hello, I will remember the advice with regard to privacy issues. I can only imagine what kind of damage that would have done to me. As for me, I took the BOSS exam without studying because it's a psychology exam. I have taken similar tests like that before for the NYC DOE with the exception that, my test required over 100 questions with two written essays. That was an easy test because it was basic common sense. However, I did see that a MTA Bus Company test was coming up for a part-time bus operator, but they're still using the BOSS exam. The "1301" test is expected to come out in February of 2021. Having said that, do you think I should take that test to get my foot into the MTA Bus Company door? Assuming that, I would hopefully be driving by then and having some experience. Do you think as a trainee, my depot will allow me to take that test? Thank you again. John
  3. Hello, I want you to know that you really gave me a lot of confidence moving forward for training. I was literally freaking out about Zarega because of the parking situation. I really didn't want to pay a lot of money in a parking lot for two weeks of training. It's a lot of money considering the tolls and the gas consumption. Lastly, as far as my list number is concerned, it is #5** and I took the BOSS Exam #9100. Can my list number help me with regard to taking other tests for other jobs? I am not familiar with list numbers but my recruiter/analyst at 180 Livingston St., told me it is a good number. Is that true? Lastly, what can you tell me about the area at Zarega. I will be there bright and early driving over from Staten Island and I just want to know if it is safe, let's say during a weekday you're coming from Westchester Ave (2020 Westchester Ave Parking lot). Lastly, I will take your advice and see if there are any other Staten Islanders there that can carpool with me. That sounds like an excellent idea! Thank you again and I look forward to meeting you someday. As I mentioned before, you have helped me tremendously and really made me confident with regard to the training. Have a good day and stay safe. John B. PS: I will follow the forums and look for the necessary handouts and fliers for the specific jobs.
  4. Hello, It's interesting but I thought I responded to you right after you sent this last message but my i-phone has been acting funny ever since my last update, but I will replace it soon with Spectrum. From what I hear they are pretty good! Anyway, I start training on Sunday at Zarega. Now, I have a few questions. I already purchased a blue shirt, blue tie, and black shoes, but is there parking available at Zarega Bus Depot? I am asking because I am coming all the way from Staten Island through New Jersey. I want to get there early and someone from the MTA over at 180 Livingston St told me that there isn't parking at the depot; is that true? I have also seen a few parking garages about 20 minutes walking distance North of the facility on 2020 Westchester Ave, so I might try that instead but ideally parking at the depot would be excellent. In addition, I realize that I should have taken the SiRTOA exam when it became available some time ago because I would have liked to work in Staten Island, but when I saw the MaBSTOA exam I just took a chance without thinking about the aggravation I may cause myself with the amount of money I will need to spend to go to and from a distant NYC Depot. I also know that they pick and instructor for you and the training can be in NYC, the Bronx, or Brooklyn. Personally, living in Staten Island is expensive enough considering now that they decided to put tolls in both spots (that is coming and going). I know that the city had proposed stopping some of the commercial NJ traffic that way. Let's hope that works considering the amount of traffic that we get. Lastly, do we go to Zarega for one day and then we're assigned an instructor and a depot? Again, thank you for your time and patience. I look forward to working hard and that feeling that you get when you had a productive day! I used to feel that way when I was a teacher in the Rockaways. Now, it's an entirely different ball game but and interesting one nevertheless. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you! John B.
  5. Hello and thank you! I want you to know how much I appreciate your feedback. It was exactly what I was looking for with regard to the training and depot questions that I was asking. I kind of figured that if I was in MaBSTOA it wouldn't be possible to work for SiRTOA or MTA Bus Company. Although, I did read an article that, like the NYPD, they consolidated under one pension system. As you remember in the past, there was "Housing, Transit, and Regular Police." Now, they're all one under one system. Having said that, do you think that the Bus companies will consolidate under one pension system as well? Making it easier for people to pick and choose (or maybe not based on the needs of the MTA) the depot of choice on the desired geographic area? Personally, I live in Staten Island, closer to NJ, but I have no problem traveling to and from work. I used to teach in the Far Rockaways and it took me over an hour to get to work and sometimes on certain days over three hours to return home depending on the traffic. I got used to waking up at 3:45 - 4:00 and I was always the number two man in the school building. I was never late and it made a great impression on the administration. However, regardless of the past experience. I just gained a love of traveling and the ability to rise to the challenge. Now, one more thing before I go. I also filled out an application (because of the long waiting period because of Covid. I was supposed to start training last Spring) filled out an application to be a NJ Transit Bus Operator. Now, they are calling me to come down for their physical. Having said that, I don't want to sound ignorant but is the NYC MTA better than NJ Transit? I do know that NJ Transit is the third largest in the country but I also heard that they are rife with problems. They are just now revamping their entire system and I also heard that they only have a six week training period. In fact, one guy I read about on Indeed.com didn't cut the mustard with NYC MTA and ended up training with NJ Transit and stated that their training is substandard to NYC MTA's training. So I'm guessing that he is stating the obvious with regard to the differences in training standards and company differences as well. What is your opinion about that? Thank you again, have a great week and stay safe! John
  6. JohnnyB11

    John B.

    Hello All, I am new here and quite frankly excited about the job that is, becoming a NYC MTA Bus Operator. I was educated to be a teacher and taught for a little while (maybe I can become a trainer down the line) but I always wanted to be a BO. Having said that, I took the MaBSTOA BOSS EXAM and passed. My list number is 578 and I passed my drug test and will soon take my physical. I was supposed to start last Spring but COVID put a damper on that. So now I am supposed to start some time in November, so so far so good. Now, I have a few questions: what can you tell me with regard to training, what to expect, and is having a CDL A good as far as the driving is concerned (I know the bus isn't articulated like a tractor trailer) but does it help with training, and how hard is the training? Lastly, what is the one year training like (assuming that you pass the seven-day training), and do you get to choose where you want to work as far as depots are concerned? Thank you for your advice. John B.

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