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  1. I'm making it my mission to get hired. Hope to see you all out there.
  2. Thanks. I'm okay with being checked whenever if I do have more than a mild case. B Division was going to be my choice if I made the 9/13 class. That decision was the only thing that was really making me nervous. I am so far from the Bronx.
  3. Placed on medical hold like I assumed. 100 days to get off of it but they said get it done yesterday. Already have a doctor's appointment but it's a week away. 😖 They seem to need conductors bad. There were some retired TSS's there coming in to get back to work doing schoolcar training.
  4. Hello everyone, Been reading these forums for years but never made an account. I'm on the list for conductor. Took the drug test on 9/3 and just got a call from Ms. Olha to come in to do medical tomorrow. They have a class starting Monday 9/13 that they are trying to fill. I am part of the fat neck/hairy chest gang lol so I'm probably going straight to medical hold and having to do a sleep apnea test. My list number is 304x for those who might want to know. I do not know what list number they are up to but there were lots of conductor hopefuls doing drug testing on 9/3. Just keep watch for emails and calls if your list number is in the 3000s and low 4000s I guess. And lose weight now if you need to. Don't be like me on pins and needles about tomorrow lol.

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