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  1. The Bx31 was southern blvd and Bx30 was 145st x town to 149st and bruckner blvd where as Bx31 was botanical garden to 149st and southern blvd then was combined to make the Bx19
  2. the Bx31 was southern blvd and Bx30 was 145st x-town!
  3. I am a ex mabstoa driver out of walnut and i am nycta fan (trains and busses) so i want to bond with on this forum on the whole system bus and subway

  4. how does the nova artic ride i drove the nova lfs had great turning radius but ride could be hard at times.

  5. do you know which bus was the pheonix and the history behind it?

  6. when ddid walnut av depot in the bronx close?

  7. How do the new hybrids feel

  8. Hey how do the new hybrids feel?

  9. I read that the layup track on the southbound track of the concourse line between 170-167st was maybe proof that the Mayor Hylan waanted a four track on the concourse line but was abandoned. How can that be if you look at the configuration it looks like a layup track to me, especially since there used to be a working tower a 167st. It seems like this layup was for put ins(maybe am rush?) Does any one know?


  11. when did walnut depot close?

  12. I would like to know how the drivers out of gunhill depot rate the new equipment

  13. I would like to know how the drivers like the new equipment @ gunhill depot give us a rating.

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