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  1. Those LFS from Queens Village are loaned during the afternoon rush hours.

    Some Manhattanville Old Gens are sent over there during the morning rush hours. Its possible due to Gun Hill's hybrids being overhauled.



    The LFSs are on loan to Gun Hill during all hours, not just rudh because Gun Hill is short because of 1. Artics that can't be used 2. Buses getting CMF work done



    Guys I just wanna mention there is alot of loaning going on between depots, some depots are behind on work or just short.

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  2. And then there were:


    7 Vs at CP and

    8 at SC.

    24 artics at JFK and

    1 unwrapped 5800-Series LFSA at MQ,

    [still] 2 5400-Series D60HFs at OH, 10 C40s at JG...


    ...and 7218's gone.

    That bus has been gone for some time iirc 7252 is the only remaining ex triboro on property the others last time (well you were there ) 7253 and others had been and were being parted out awaiting tow

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