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  1. Nice Dennis, My jaw is gonna drop wide open when I see that on the B11.
  2. Nice stuff, I saw that paper sign done for the M72 back in 2008.
  3. Isn't the B44 SBS supposed to start before the XD60's show up. I also don't see all 90 going to the 44 unless they want to also put artics on the local.
  4. Nice stuff, Good to see an Eagle still kicking.
  5. There are R32's there but they arent visible.
  6. Go on TTMG.org where you will be able to find interior photos of both old and new C40LF's as well as other buses in the fleet.
  7. Either way racism is wrong no matter who its being done to. You judge a person by who they are and not the color of their skin. Theres good and bad in all types of people.
  8. I don't see how hundreds of black people beating up white people at a state fair is not a major story. This is a MAJOR hate crime and should be treated as such.
  9. Those have been referred to a Hooligan or Hoodlum lamps. They activate when a driver hits a button on the floor. They flash and the destination sign reads EMERGENCY CALL POLICE.
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