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  1. Hi! lol I spotted you @ 59 st on the (C). What I was saying is that they should put the 32's back on the (A). I mean how fast were you going between 59 & 42? that was probably a great express run.


    I was actually saying they should, not they were :P

  2. Question... leaving Crescent St heading Northbound after clearing the green over green signal is it safe to fully speed up or keep the train at a constant speed because a few cars is still curving? Thanks!:cool:

  3. Fresh Pond, Do me a favor who was the one who was going to post the Video. Please tell him not to. I can explain now.

  4. Happy birthday, Mr. N-E T/O!

  5. No I don't know of any classes starting any time soon, but that does not mean there are not any starting.

  6. hi,is it true that theres gonna be R160's on the D on the weekends due to R68 getting SMS?

  7. what's up N-E T/O, I might be called for the next t/o class. Would you know of any classes this month or next month? Thanks in advance.

  8. Hey North-Eastern T/O, check out MTR Admiralty and SevenEleven's new Manhattan Express Forum: http://manhattanexpressforums.netii.net/forums. You can become our first train operator!

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