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  1. In November and December of 2017 during the 30 day test, iirc didn't during testing the R179 experience door issues on one of the trips, and still passed the test without reset? If wrong what was the issue and still why was the issue not considered major?

  2. On 8/20/2019 at 12:01 AM, <6>PelhamExp said:

    Something similar was done on the Bronx bound (6) and <6> trains when they had R142As. Instead of northbound trains in Manhattan announcing, "This is a Bronx Bound (6) Local train" the announcements played, "This is a Pelham Bay Park bound <6> train making Express stops in the Bronx" or "This is a Parkchester bound (6) local train". I think this was done to make it clear for passengers whether the train was the Parkchester Local or Pelham Express.

    That announcement is exclusive for the 3rd Av 138th St bound 6 trains that short turn in the morning.

  3. 9 hours ago, paulrivera said:

    The work can be done and it has happened before. Yes, I know that. 

    The Concourse line can handle its own plus Jerome. When I was younger I remember the (4) being shut down north of 161st St which was the last stop and the (D) was an option, shuttle buses were provided, the Bx32 runs via Jerome from Kingsbridge to 176th... The (D) ran 8 minute headways at the time, which it doesn't now, and the Bx32 runs every half hour on the weekends. And the shuttle buses only run between Woodlawn and Bedford Park.

    lets not forget BPB is an ADA station so that satisfies transfers to the Beeline service. (4) - 100% false. (D) - Elevator construction is still in progress. The shuttle buses are useful to get from the Bee-Line to the (D) tho.

    Concourse has its help even if (D) service isnt increased. The Bx1/2, and Express buses hold their share as well from Mosholu down to near 167th. It can be done but theres always an excuse for something now in days. Cant use Yankee games as an excuse as one can argue there are long stretches of away games. The express bus is about to be discontinued, and there's also soccer games sprinkled in (there were 3 this week alone.)

    Then there shouldn't be any b.s for shutting down Jerome Line, can't we agree? I'm sure you grew up along the (4) and know what has been done and the weird services that are ran on that line.

    Albeit the (D)'s headways are longer now that can be compensated with some short turns 2nd Av is an option. Bx32 schedule can be adjusted and prepared for the upcoming G.O, my apologies was thinking of 205th , anyways BPB needs and should have been ADA long ago especially with the college, high schools nearby. 

    Even if the express buses didn't exist there is still extra service that can be provided for the Concourse Line. It wasn't that long ago the (4) was shut down north of Yankee Stadium, if it was like 20 to 30 years ago where population would be significant than 5 to 10 years I could understand but I still can't get over the petty excuses(Not you btw) for something that has been done before.

  4. 9 hours ago, Deucey said:

    But it’s not like they couldn’t run trains to 167th, do the crew switch on the uptown platform, do a reverse on the center track, and start the run there.

    It’d require precision, but it could be done and still move trains at normal frequencies.


    Folks just don’t wanna.

    Thats how it works. Train crews end service at 161. Check the cars for any remaining passengers, train heads north and relays at 167th preparing for service at Yankee Stadium. One could argue why not terminate the (4) at 167th but there aren't any connections there aside from the Bx35 which runs via Highbridge

  5. The work can be done and it has happened before. The Concourse line can handle its own plus Jerome. When I was younger I remember the (4) being shut down north of 161st St which was the last stop and the (D) was an option, shuttle buses were provided, the Bx32 runs via Jerome from Kingsbridge to 176th...lets not forget BPB is an ADA station so that satisfies transfers to the Beeline service. Concourse has its help even if (D) service isnt increased. The Bx1/2, and Express buses hold their share as well from Mosholu down to near 167th. It can be done but theres always an excuse for something now in days. Cant use Yankee games as an excuse as one can argue there are long stretches of away games.

  6. On 6/4/2018 at 5:06 PM, Coney Island Av said:

    Transit Tech's too far for it to even be a viable school for me. It's all the way by Euclid Av on the (A)(C), and I'm all the way in Harlem, three stops short of 168 St (the northern (C) terminal). If I went to school there, it would take me 50 minutes to get there. 

    Byford probably chose Transit Tech because it was MTA-related. 

    Too far? Oh please I went from Bedford Park to Euclid daily think was late once when i attended TT in 2009/10 not bad of a commute because its one transfer and my buddy was coming from Gun Hill area on the 5 line. 


    1 hour ago, djtoro7 said:

    DJ Hammers, Fan Railer and Tech & Transit are the most reliable sources as far as I know 

    Just because they're reliable doesn't make them right all the time. As we know nothing is set in stone than death and taxes. And thats nothing against them but just because one may say something doesnt mean its 100% accurate or will happen. 


    4 hours ago, EphraimB said:

    According to an (MTA) employee, the R179s are NOT coming to the (A). All the 5-car R179s are going to the (F) to replace it's remaining R46s. The R32s and R46s are shared between the (A) and (C) to help with crowding on the (C). The (C) is NOT going to 10-cars.

    And to this I always thought the order of 5 csr sets should goto Jamaica to make QBL near or 100% NTT for potential CBTC meaning the 46s would be bumped to Pitkin and or CI in exchange for 160s/179 but we will see. The logic is keeping yards uniformed with one car type or two instead of having oddballs here and there for maintenance purposes.

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  7. Jessica E is still the GOAT imo, very clear however aggressive when announcing certain stops such as Fulton St (LEX), and Pelham Pkway-WPR stop. The announcements get to the point without being too quick or dragged out whereas Cathering Cowdry seems a bit slower paced then a pause.

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  8. The rarest "catch" for myself out of plenty I would have to go with an R-46 (F) via Brighton going Coney Island bound back in 2012 possibly. Aside from that I wouldn't count weekend G.O's that happen several times throughout the year as rare such as the (F) to Euclid, (C) to 2nd Av etc(which is my fav G.O btw)

    Going to school back in 2009 the train I was on wrong railed into Broadway Junction on the Manhattan bound (C) track from the Queens bound exp track and terminated.

    R-160 (D) entering C.I in 2010 train had no ads yet brand new set.

    R-32 (C) rerouted to Bedford Park as well as an R-46 (A) T/O took wrong lineup at 125th...

    R32 (B) was rare but it ran nearly everyday in 09 and 2010.

    (C) train re-routed to Queens Plaza, (E) rerouted to 168th via local.

    Too many I can't recall without going through photos or videos. The rarest thing I've seen recently on YOUTUBE is the (M) re-routed to Euclid Av and the (E) via Culver Express that was a classy catch and photo wise an R-46 via Myrtle form the 70's.


  9. I just got home from working about 15 minutes ago which would be 0650 hours and a friend of mines friend works at Bombardier in CNY & Upstate NY, to keep a short story short and my friend isn't a buff at all but said the "NYCT order for new trains was modified." Can anyone confirm this? This conversation took place last evening before I started my shift at 2200.

  10. On 12/21/2017 at 11:08 PM, Bosco said:

    They will never be able to couple two different classes of NTTs together, primarily because of electrical incompatibilities and secondarily because of propulsion differences.  The only time that two distinctly different NTT car classes was a test run of R142s and R142As, which didn't go very well.

    Not true, its possible just rare or uncommon. There have been R-160A-2's and R-160B Siemens coupled inservice recently(meaning aside from testing years back). I mean yes it is the same class but different builders as you stated the 142/A.

    Actually the R142A and 188 are completely different classes albeit being very similar.

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  11. Just now, Lance said:

    Without the A1s or the four-car sets of 179s, I don't see much of a pull for the five-car sets running on either the (A) or (C) lines. In a veritable sea of 32s and 46s, I cannot see these oddballs of NTTs on either line. In fact, I believe the five-car sets will either be placed on the (F) to shift the 46s over to the (A)(C) and (R) lines or on the (N) to remove the handful of 68s from that line. Both applicable yards have plenty of similar cars in service on their lines, so the newer 179s will not be that much of an issue. That will not be the case for 207th Street or Pitkin, of which will only host older cars for the foreseeable future. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's how I see it right now.

    I've actually been vouching that for a year or two now because why have odd balls or an odd ball or two when the 179's for the (A) can just be pushed to Jamaica thus making the QBL nearly 100% NTT, I mean isn't the QBL and Culver supposedly getting upgraded for CBTC. Totally agree, as much as I like seeing a 46 or two on the (F) its logical to keep one specific R-type to one yard. But I could be wrong as well and we'll see.

  12. I'm just curious, is the "announcement lag" an issue involving the train set from properly operating in a timely manner? or are you guys/gals(buffs) making a deal out of it because it doesn't meet your needs for loading/unloading time?

    If its the second option just chill, we've all taken the subway during rush hour and some stations the doors stay open longer than usual for reasons of crowds, train connections, someone holding doors, or a train being held etc, but it seems as if this delay is accounting for an additional 5-15 seconds( being generous) per station please correct me if I'm wrong shouldn't be an issue. As for as the announcement lag the situation can be adjusted by the C/R making announcements the old fashioned way until the "delay" is handled.


  13. Glad to see these subway cars in service, however some of you are going nuts over things that will eventually be handled in a timely manner. Not sure if some of you read or can read but go back in history to the R-46's when they were constantly being pulled from service several times a week for cracks in their trucks a design flaw by Pullman during the first few years of service, obviously they aren't plagued with that issue anymore but look where the 46's are now 43 years later. 

    The recent issue with the door chime and announcement delay issue, if you ride the R-142 or R-142A's sometimes the door chime goes off without the doors moving I've seen it for the past 16 years of riding those trains on the (2) and (4) . Another sometimes the announcement plays before the doors open(in a certain section of the train), or vice versa the announcements continue to play while the doors are open because they havent finished yet(ie. 59th St). 

    Every subway car has their issue,iirc the R-143's had a very successful test and just a few years ago weren't some units moving a few inches while doors were opened in the station. Just need to chill they'll be fine and around into the next part of the century.

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  14. Those 10 car R179's won't be enough to make Jamaica 100% NTT unless I'm assuming you mean CI gives up their R160's to Jamaica? And if that were to happen what are you going to do with the excess amount of R46's? Put them on the C?

    Figured that, those excess amounts could be used on the (G) or be used as spare sets. I would say less 46's on the road would be fine once the (C) is fully NTT in a few years I mean shit the 46's are over 40 lol

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  15. I know this may be off topic but I can't get my head wrapped around on why the (A) "needs" or will be assigned the odd ball amount of R-179's. Yeah I know there are odd balls on the (A) already a Hippo or two and the workhorse but why not Jamaica get the few cars thus making that yard exclusively NTT and that would move the R46's that pop on the (F) every now and then or the few on the (R) making Pitkin entirely R-46's.


    So what I'm trying to say is:

    207th (C) 100% R-179 eventually

    Pitkin (A) 100% R-46 (currently is 95% 46's with the odd Hippo or two + a 32).

    Jamaica 100% NTT?


    I know nothing is set in stone and subject to change as we know from past experiences and situations but it would be more uniformed having one fleet of R types to maintain rather than a few.

  16. 15776921113_331fa045a8_b.jpgNot nearly as bad as other trains I've seen, where basically the whole sign is yellow and nothing displays at all

    Yeah and....? The same can be said about the R-46 LCD's, 142's,143's and 160's even may as well throw in the buses signage too. Electronics do glitch out or are frozen. I'm not sure if you remember plasma TV's in the early to mid 2000's but they didn't fall apart they malfunctioned because the tv being on a single channel or state for a long period of time which "burnt" the image.


    The FIND systems the R-160's have are they considered "falling apart"?

  17. These idiots are still going on "The R46"  "The R46" "The R46" "The R46" .....its a train. Shouldn't matter if its a retried fleet, or the newest fleet its a train everything breaks down or wears down. Keep blaming "The R46" but some of you idiots don't know that almost 10 years ago a (N) derailed and guess what it was an R-160 so screw the safety of the passengers and crew lets care about the fact that aging subway cars need to go. May as well retire the R-160's because like I said 10 years ago one derailed on the (N) thats the attitude you idiots have no sympathy for safety but the R-type class.

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