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  1. 12-9 at Union St: http://7online.com/traffic/person-hit-by-subway-at-union-street-station/535352/
  2. I rather take Bee Line's Orion V than MTA's Orion V for safety and mechanically operating.
  3. pdf: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2Yk9q8Exf2hV2FGcGZhcndaWGU0MS1xSFh3MnhnQlI5Tzg0/view?pli=1
  4. lol, you must be joking? $100 on a flatbed truck.... lol
  5. do you have the money and a space for the subway car?
  6. The second sticker of Emergency Instructions... Emergency Evacuation Procedure
  7. NICE idea if it's in the fantasy world. not.
  8. Long Island? you could see the NICE buses in Queens breaking down.
  9. Have you try using Google? Try Google, search CBTC. R188s are exactly the same as R142A just upgrading with CBTC package. There is no new door chimes or new motors. Part of the R188 fleet does have newly built cars that are very new and they are exact replica of R142A.
  10. No kidding. Their fleet is so bad. It's even worst the Triboro Coach or Green Lines during pre-MTA takeover days. Dirty in and out, weak engine, no heat, destination sign broken, back doors can't close, broken lights in and out, leaky roofs, wheelchair lifts inoperable, missing runs, longer waits, no communication between NICE management and the NICE bus drivers and NICE customers which they are not NICE, etc.
  11. There are about 3 cars that has black and white stickers on door numbers. It may be still there for 20 years or not. One of them is R68A car #500 X series... Im surprise no one has a picture inside one of the cars.
  12. When has NICE proven to be better than LIB? Its even way worst now.
  13. Newsday reported 4 months ago, the daily average ridership drop almost half since the take over. 101,000+ in 2011 down to 60,000 in 2014. http://www.newsday.com/long-island/nassau/nice-bus-gomobile-app-downloaded-6-700-times-in-two-months-officials-say-1.8993784# NICE indeed.
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