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  1. 1245 and 1286-1288 is at Kingsbridge with said depot decals applied.
  2. Alright!Havn't done this in a long time.Can I get a Luminator Vertex sign in select bus format but with flashing yellow dots saying the following: 720 Queen Bee Rapid 720 White Plains 720 via Central Av
  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

  4. What time are you gonna be at Ulmer Park?

  5. @NX Express:A Traffic Checker is someone who does various types of ridership surveys for NYCT and MTA Bus.They count how many passengers are in a bus by either standing outside on the street at certain locations or by riding the bus for either half of a drivers run or whole run.They also count how many passengers are on the train by having one checker walk two cars per train.There are more surveys but are too complicated for explanation.

  6. Thanks.There's plenty more where that came from.

  7. I use Photobucket.I don't have any problems with them.
  8. I know,I'm evil but I would never really do it no matter how fun it might be.I was just kiddin.
  9. Trust me,I never got called from the 2004 exam.Now from the 2008 exam,I just wait and keep doing what I do in the TA now.
  10. I was in the high 6000's for the 2004 exam and never got a notice or anything.I just got my Dec 08 results today and I am far FAR better than the first time!Try say.....oh I dunno.....574! -dances- Hopefully by years end I'll be leaving people steamed that they didn't get on my train.BUWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!
  11. I know I got 2 wrong on the last CR exam.I hope I get called this time.I'm still waiting from the 2004 exam.

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