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  1. doesn't ATS have alot of problems? is ther any advantage with ATS?
  2. I recently borrowed my friends camera, this camera records in 4k! So i thought id use to get some footage of the TOMC during the weekend. hope you guys like it!
  3. Extend the Down 11th avenue/west street with service and build a new bridge that connects Manhattan and staten island, and make the train also run over it, making it go to staten island. Boam. Right there, best plan ever.
  4. the actually would always be the line to recieve the newest order of subway cars. The first hand me down ever was the R62A
  5. 7220 has been recoupled with its partner 7211. so now again its 7211-7220 and if that set is not in service for the longest, why does it have ads? if you saw 7211-7220, most of its LCD signs were fixed and the trucks recieved some extensive cleaning. they were probably doing it on that set also
  6. By far, this is the most suprising move ive ever seen done. Since the R143 is so close to a R160, I decided to do some videos of the catch.
  7. Isn't there increased service during the summer?
  8. Ya that first shot seems pretty good! Love that darkish lighting
  9. It has to do with the set up 5-6 car set up. If one set goes down they take the whole train out
  10. There was a few more then 4 out, they do have spares in the yard
  11. I noticed the R188s are A/Cs are not working so well. any one know why?
  12. A good friend of mine recommended that i start selling posters of my photos, especially the ones with historic trains. I decided to get it started and see how it can go. The poster is a glossy finish, measuring at 18" x 24", A good premium finish. Perfect to hang on the wall. The picture provided here is much more reduced version of the actual picture. This is to prevent and kind of reprint of there own. The resolution of this picture 1024x768, although the actual print is much bigger, with all of the resolution preserved. The price is $49.99. Believe it or not, much of the profit is going torwards the company that will print the poster. Buying posters can help support my college and career. I thank you guys for checking this out. I can collect payments through paypal, Cash or mailed check. PM if you are interested. So once again for review Size: 18" x 24" Type: Glossy finish Price: $49.99 R11 S train (preview) (1 of 1) by killa134528, on Flickr
  13. I dont think you can use color to edit pictures , but if you mean what kind of white balance did Use, It can usually vary, its very dependednt on the scene of the picture. I believe for the night time shots i use 3000-6000K , and i believe for underground shots i use about 8000k-12000k @everyone else: Thanks for your kind remarks!

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