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  1. I heard of this on CBS2 this morning. I will be heading over there today after work to check it out. Thanks
  2. I would love to see one of these things in action and how it is vacuuming up debris from its base.
  3. Which station doesn't belong: 137th St 68th St Flatbush Ave Jamaica Center
  4. I got stranded at Chambers St on the . I had driven from Far Rock to Euclid Ave this morning, so I walked to City Hall and took the to Crescent and walked to my parked car near Euclid. Anyone know what the investigation was for?
  5. EPIC! Was so excited to see a C R160 headed to 168 and then a few minutes later, one headed to Euclid. This happened at Fulton around 6:30pm. Gonna be a good summer
  6. Anyone know what the police investigation was about at Grand Central? And why the 6 train was so effected? Thanks
  7. Sucks that those pictures arent available any longer. I missed out
  8. Damn, how long does it usually take to repair a broken rail?

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