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  1. Watching T3: Rise of the Machines on OuterMax.

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    2. IRT Bronx Express

      IRT Bronx Express

      1st, can't say much since I saw the network tv version (22 mins were lost). 2nd will remain the best as it has a lot of action scenes. 3rd, ok but it looked like a copy of the 2nd and the ending looked like a cliffhanger. 4th, never saw it.

    3. Grand Concourse

      Grand Concourse

      interesting. I have seen all 4, but the 1st one i haven't seen in a while and didn't really remember that as well. I agree about the 3rd, they should've left it at the 2nd. 4th one it was ok, but the only nice things was setting up the future storyline and of course the introduction to a young kyle reese.

    4. IRT Bronx Express

      IRT Bronx Express

      I believe Cinemax might have aired the 4th at one point, but since I had Encore years ago, I had no clue about the terminator series until earlier this year. They really should broadcast the first since the network TV version tarnished it. The main scenes were shown, but that isn't enough for me. :/

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