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  1. Ah, that explains why the best buy looks like several stores loosely connected. I thought some stores closed and best buy just took over them under the same corner, shows how little i remember of the former theater.
  2. I stand corrected. If they are printing new strip maps now for the whole fleet, then i guess they may as well go with the combo one then. I was mistaken thinking they wanted to print these new maps specifically for the 2/5 because people complained about signs being nis.
  3. hem, seems strange just one car is missing them. it is a 5-car set, i was wondering if it was just the first car or the whole set that was missing the led displays. And it seems it was just the one car. By now the only singles left are the 1900s with 1960 and below.
  4. I think you are giving the average rider too much credit to expect to understand a map with so much info all on the same map. I mean yes, it is better than the current situation of a map in use or not in use, but i still doubt it will stop people from asking the c/r or t/o what train it is or what stops the train will be stopping at etc. It is a nice map, but i don't see the point in printing up a batch of new ones now when they can wait another decade plus for new trains with the find already installed and the current trains pushed over to lines that don't share trains at all or very rarely.
  5. Yeah, that was the stuff i was thinking of and lol, oh yeah the 18yr old restriction. Sigh and the people saying that was discriminatory. Well one the mall isn't a public place like a park and here wouldn't be a need for restrictions if people could behave themselves instead of unhinged savages. So given the last negative news about the place was the best buy robbery, i guess there isn't much to worry about the mall than overzealous mall cops saying you can't take pics inside the place. I mean not that i am saying the place is great, but not much in terms of decent malls in the city especially with how the manhattan mall has become a shell if itself shrinking to just two floors of retail and jcpennys on the bottom two with no food court. Shame too as i remember in 2000 the place was massive with 7 floors and two basement levels of stores. Just a sad decline of a once decent place. Although i did have a little case of vertigo staring down from the railing of the 7 floor. another renovation? I last went there early this year and everything looked ok to me. I mean the mall is not that special, but at least it didn't look like a dump like i thought it was going to be. I went to the mall another time in maybe 2006? But i don't really remember what it was like then, but probably the first renovation you were talking about and had a theater, which was pretty runned down imo. I forgot what they converted it to, more stores?
  6. My god. Didn't know there was a stabbing there. I was probably 6yrs old when i went there and when i moved to manhattan, i just for got about the place till i moved back to brooklyn and by then petco was either there or ready to be built. As for the kid that fell, probably years earlier? I was under the impression it happened recently.
  7. Easy to solve? With today's riders they'll probably be even more confused seeing both lines listed on the same map. Plus if they have their phones, they could see for themselves what stop is coming up if they don't want to look at the maps in the cars or use a physical map.
  8. My main gripe about the station was the absurd costs to build it. A single friggin station. And now the rebuild is more expensive than the original build. It doesn't make any sense. That is why i think it should be forgotten if the next super storm hits and floods it again. I don't see the fed okaying another $500 mil to fix it up again so that it costs as much as the fulton hub just to serve two subway lines.
  9. I remember the burger king by the depot. It was quite the place decades ago when they had an arcade building next door (now a petco) and a kiddie amusement park with several rides like a roller coaster and some spinning cups, etc. after that it just kept shrinking to the point it is today sharing space with a popeyes. wait, when did a kid fall off from the 2nd floor? The only news i heard of the mall was that 'flash rob' or whatever riot happened there as well as some white couple being attacked in their car and the best buy robbery via the waterway.
  10. South ferry was a total waste of money. The original build plus the more expensive rebuild will mean it has cost almost $1 billion for a station serving just 2 lines. At least the fulton hub to the north at $1.4 billion serves several other lines. The south ferry stop as of now is what they should have done from the start by connecting the loop platform to the R at whitehall in the same fare zone. Opening the entire 10 car train of the 1 on the new platform wasn't going to do much as you still had to walk all the way to the front to get to the ferry terminal. People would still be better off moving to the first 5 cars anyway.
  11. I know i'm late on this topic, but if we had to deal with the strip map confusion for over a decade, what is another decade? People could listen to the announcements and look at the subway maps than to rely on the strip maps. When it comes time to retire the r62/as, then move the r142s on the 2/5 over to the 1/6 lines. That way by then the new trains will have the find already built in and don't need to modify anything. They would need to print up some 1 line strip maps and put back the 6 line strip maps or print up new ones to reinstall them on the r142s.
  12. why not just rename one of the A branches to another letter instead of sticking riders with a service they don't want? What about the F to 179th? Why do they deserve a one seat express when they could have extended the R to run local and the F express? Just because you can run the local to lefferts to provide more service, it doesn't mean people will want it. They will just get off at rockaway blvd for the A and cram onto those trains leaving the C empty all the way to euclid. And sure while you will run more trains total, i would think the A would lose some trains so the C can be extended to lefferts, so you might have fewer A trains overall. according to a poster here, there was talks about extending the S to at least rockaway blvd, so there would be no point in extending the C there. You would actually want a shuttle because it is isolated in one area than to deal with the mess further up on the C line in manhattan and brooklyn. Plus in the summer on the weekends, the S is a full 600' train unlike the C at 480' all the time. So the S at that time actually runs longer trains than the C.
  13. this is great news. Waiting for the A to take me toward manhattan at broad channel or vice versa in waiting for the S to come after the A clears out at that station sucks. It is even worse in the winter when it is cold out and they have that single heated lamp on the sb platform. I would have been just fine if they had extended the S up to howard beach where it is at least a little more insulated by land or wait above in the crossover for the airtrain.
  14. i wouldn't go that far to sever the line totally from the fulton ind line. What i would do is revive the former rockaways row, have the H run on that to quenns blvd up to woodhaven and replace the rock park S as well as the rush hour A trains there. The H would still be 4 cars long and be used as an alternative to the q52/53 bus lines. Riders are going to have to transfer to another subway line anyway, may as well let it be on the same fare.I do not agree with extending the M. I dunno if qb can handle an extra line to allow the G back or if it was 71st not being able to turn back 3 lines. But i do like the idea of the G being a crosstown line on both sides of brooklyn/queens. As for the far rock A, i would just rename it to another letter like the K and leave everything else with the A,C, E lines alone. they already have signs posted above the platform saying the B doesn't run on weekends. What more do people want? It is their own fault if they do not read what the signs say.

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