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  1. OOOH!!! 😁 https://construction-proposals-bids.enr.com/bid/580/mta-new-york-city-transit you must be talking about this
  2. The one good thing about this R179 order is there's now a surplus of 8 car B division cars. Too bad they couldn't be a large amount of 10-car R179 sets like the 8-car version. As I mentioned in the R211 thread I can see the and Rockaway Shuttle becoming 100% R211. In relation to the R179 though i can see - having a mixed fleet of all the 10-car R179s and the R160Bs from the - has all the 8-car R179s. - having all the R160s from the
  3. It'll make sense for the trains to have all the R179s and the surplus 8 car R160's go make the 100% NTT and additional trains on the
  4. My first time commenting on this subject 😁 whichever line the R46s are on should be the ones the R211 run on making the and Rocakway Park Shuttle 100% R211s. R179 and R160B trains can go to the making it full length. The R160A trains can be displaced elsewhere. Far as the R262 goes in my opinion Lexington Ave doesn't always have to get the newer equipment cause its busier than it's West Side sister (7th Ave). Depending when CBTC installation is complete the might get the R142s but that's a different topic on another thread
  5. I read Lenox Yard was a maintenance yard previously so I dont know if it will be any costly trouble of converting it back to a maintenance facility almost similar to Jerome Yard on the .
  6. Doesnt commuters transfer from local to express trains at express stations anyways for example 96th St 125th St and East 180th St. In the case of detangling services I think renovating our express stations and transfer statioms to allow a better flow from one train to the other will be at ease. Ordering trains with wider doors like the R211 is a great start. I think we for the most is so used to oneseat rides that detanglng the system I s foreign to us like open gangway cars. How would we know till we really try it out
  7. I will let you be entitled to your opinion and I'll be entitled to mines.
  8. Thank you thats the game plan I was trying yo propose. Theres no more express but at least the will be run Lexington Express to Utica Ave. The isnt merging with the trains in the bronx anymore just the . I propose the <2> peak express stopping at 241st, Nereid, 233rd, 225th, 219th and Gun Hill; then going express stopping at 180th, 3rd Av and Grand Concourse. For PM peak express its the reverse.
  9. With Dyre connecting to Pelham, both the and will run express on Lexington and the would be the Lex Local. I don't see how having the <2> will reduce service. The running up 3rd Ave running pass Gun Hill Rd would provide riders with an alternative out of the Bronx and to Midtown would probably keep service at it's current TPH. If anything some (3)'s can run into the Bronx to Gun Hill. The will save time running on the Pelham cause not only is it running peak express between Hunts Point and 3rd Ave, but if you compare the Pelham 3rd Ave and White Plains Rd 3rd Ave stations, the would have to stop at 2 stations after 3rd Ave plus going through a tight S-curve before reaching Manhattan while with the Pelham, 3rd Ave and 125th is a stop away. The would run local but it'll be more frequent than it's current headways since it will not share trackage from Woodlawn to Brooklyn Bridge. Far as the goes yeah I can agree on that.
  10. Anything that has to do with disconnecting the off White Plains Rd is a super plus. In a scenario the stays on Dyre Ave, it needs to be connected to the Pelham at Hunts Point like originally intended. In the meantime the running up 3rd Ave and joining the Concourse extension to Bay Plaza. This way Bay Plaza and Gun Hill Rd riders have the that goes to the West Bronx, Yankee Stadium, and Harlem with the that goes to the Hub, Spanish Harlem, 2nd Av and Broadway along with a transfer to the and the . Also this allowing the to run more efficiently including a <2> Bronx peak express running express south of Gun Hill Rd and the to run efficently still run AM rush hour express in between Hunts Point and 3rd Ave (LOL if Pelham Bay riders would allow that) eliminates the tight curve bottleneck at Grand Concourse-149th St along its right of way
  11. I don't post on here a lot but this was running through my mind. Under this new set up the would be Broadways supplemental express service via Sea Beach. After the comes into the picture where would happen to the now that the works as Astoria's sole service from Astoria to Whitehall St and Coney Island. I was thinking the running on Second Ave from 125th to Coney Island could work if it connects to the Bridge.
  12. @Deucey I learned something new tonight How so? I have a sense of where you coming though
  13. Quality over Quantity, the Second Ave Line is better off being built along Water St and a future extension to Brooklyn via an Atlantic Ave Tunnel. Like Wallyhorse said, and 2nd Ave service along Fulton Ave Local and in my opinion the other one going down Culver Express and local south of Church Av. So far as DeKalb Junction goes, I understand the wonderful perks of flexing our subway services but I'm just looking at DeKalb and see trains flows better down 4th Ave Seach Beach and West End, while trains flows better down Brighton.
  14. Gotta think outside of the norm there's always room for improvement. Sure the current setup does the job but I know there's a better setup then the one we have right now of Broadway crossing in front of another.
  15. I think 96th St could handle all trains, and the can handle Astoria alone. I completely agree with you two
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