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  1. Nah I went to John Adams. I use bklyntekgeek because it's a combination of my boro, and my love of computers lol.

  2. You went to Brooklyn Tech?

  3. Thanks dude. You rock :D

  4. RealA.gif



    Sorry it took so long

  5. Dang sorry for responding to this post late. Yeah I hope 5417 is still alive too. I know 5460 is still alive. Train Dude from Subchat says that one of the train operators wanted this car gone long ago but it still here lol. Hopefully he'll make 5460 part of the last train on the last R-44 run :)

  6. someone else from bktech that makes four or more on nyctf...we should make a bus/rail fan club in the school btw im a freshman...i hope R44 5417 is still alive

  7. Yup I was. Sorry it took too long to respond lol.

  8. hey,were you the asian guy from yesterday that I was talkin to? and took the group photo?

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