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  1. The R-44 was at the other end of the track today at the museum when I went there. It's where the R-30 use to be. They moved up the R-30 and coupled the R-44 to it.
  2. R-44 returns? Sweet!! Great pics too. That's a perfect pic. Both former trains that use to run on the A line : R1 - car 100 and R-44 5240. One happy family reunited at least together again like the old days
  3. Nah I went to John Adams. I use bklyntekgeek because it's a combination of my boro, and my love of computers lol.

  4. You went to Brooklyn Tech?

  5. I would like to have one of them too. Specifically car number 5460. Lot's of memories with that car. Birthdays and weddings.
  6. Great photos. Wish I went this past sunday I love Green Lines Bus number 10001. YES! It's alive !!! I miss that one lol. Use to take that bus on the Q7 and Q8 from JHS to Adams. The scroll signs were the best. I remembered a bus operator friend of mine from Green Lines at the time let me and this kid help switch the signs on the passenger side from the Q8 to Q41 back in the days when we got to Euclid.
  7. Yeah. It'll be a different car class similar to that of the SI's R-44's I think.
  8. One cool thing I would love to see is an R-46 with the R-44's parts like the Brake Package, Propulsion and the glass dividers hehe. That'll be a neat thing to see.
  9. Definitely agree with that statement. I have a wallpaper of the R-44 in a picture frame to remember them as well. A family photo of R-44's sitting at Rocakway Park Yard
  10. Couldn't agree more. And love that post. I lived on the my entire life. The R-44's pretty much were THE along with the R38's. Missed them sadly and ain't the same without them.
  11. Yeah. Took me awhile to get use to the R-46's lol. I keep forgetting there's no partition by the door lmao. But if they can add those partitions to the R-46's it'll be great! They done that before when the R-44's came back without them from MK. I remembered the MK R-44's were rebuilt without the partitions. Then down the line they were installed.
  12. Had my last ride on the R-44 this past week. Took pictures and videos too. Glad I was able to say my goodbye Still..will miss them. They been there since I moved into Bklyn as a kid. I heard one passing by my house on Friday afternoon. Will miss hearing their brake release and their glass partitions. Loved taking a nap on them coming home from work every day lol. Wonder if it's possible to transplant some of the R44 parts over to the R46 like the glass partitions and then some.
  13. Thanks dude. You rock :D

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