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  1. the list would move faster if you actually left the office and taught a class. take urbanski with you. i'm sure they can get someone else to hand out equipment and do paperwork.
  2. i would rather operate a 32 over a 44 any day. the only downfall is the ac issues.
  3. the 44s are dead. there was a memo released the other day they are retired. they are not even qualifiying new t/os on them. give it up already they are gone. they will spend their last days rotting and getting stripped for parts.
  4. first off the 44s are not leaving the yards. they were deemed unsafe for service by car equipment. they wont even let us take them out the yard because they are missing pieces. now the only reason why they are still sitting in the yards is because the train was the first federally funded train. so ta cant get rid of them before they get rid of the 32s. or they would lose fed money. so they just sit and get stripped in the yard. as far as the 32s are going the ac's are working but we'll see how long they last.
  5. if its a 12/9 conductors are told to either say its a police investigation, injured customer or customer requiring assistance. that keeps it neat and clean. the more info you give the general public the more stupid questions they ask. most people lack common sense any way. from what i have seen the foamers have the least common sense of all.
  6. i used to play the messages to annoy people that pissed me off or annoyed me. then i would always play "thank you for riding mta nyct". my favorite was to play the do not hold the doors multiple times in a row after smashing people with them. its the little things that bring conductors joy.
  7. you can. but i just held the 15 that way i can get out of the station fast.
  8. I like the 68a i came into fordham at 45 the other day. I took 20lbs as soon as i entered and let the dynamics work for me. I dropped it down to 10lbs as i got near my mark and mad the stop with 15lbs. I really like the 32s but the ACs suck ass. Its too dam hot to be in that tin can. The 160s are nice and smooth.
  9. Let me clear this up for good.12/9 means person under the train, now they may or may not be dead. There have been 12/9s where people walked away with just scratches. Also the lex is operating beyond capacity so there is bound to be more accidents with the number of riders.
  10. They will probably give you a full physical plus drug test.
  11. where were all these 12-9s when i was on the 6. i could have used a drop or some comp.
  12. maybe you should focus on your diploma not transit.
  13. who spends the day listening to a dispatch radio? get a job or a life
  14. i bet he was drunk and fell down the stairs and contacted his lawyer. so the lawyer says hey you could get a big case if you say the train did it.
  15. Reread my last post. I just answered that question.
  16. Actually the chances are not very small. Cars get isolated on a daily basis for different reasons. Vomit, blood, urine, feces, vandalism, more than one broken door. Now the t/o would not take off because if there are doors open then he would not have indication. Neither would the conductor. Also since its a 4car train the conductor would have seen him since he only has to face foward. In my opinion he did not get dragged. He seems to want a quick pay day.
  17. Its totally possible for one car to be closed while the rest are open. That car could have been isolated. Now the guy probably just tried to jump into the doors and still got left behind. Its a bs story and a bs lawsuit.
  18. irt can run on bmt lines. the irt trains do fit. they do it when they do transfers. bmt can not run on irts lines because of size. as for the 7 it would have to be a extreme emergency for them to be sent to astoria.
  19. It was confirmed by the number 1 tss.
  20. Maybe they dont want people passing out on a hot ass train. Plus they probably dont want the media on their back.
  21. The reason they put r68s on the g line is because they needed the r46s on the c line for the summer since the ac's on the 32s break down so often. Also they are using the 46s because the 44s are being stripped for parts.
  22. the thing is as cars get retired they get stripped for parts. the r44's at pitkin, 207 and coney island are being stripped for parts to use on the r46's. so if you are able to buy one it would be a shell and you probably would not get it running because they dont make the parts to fix it anymore. thats why they strip them to repair other trains.
  23. when people did not complain about everything.
  24. well you guys wont see any r44s anymore because they were deemed structurally unsafe for passenger service. they wont even let us touch them for schoolcar use. they are going to be moth balled and sit in the yards till they can get rid of them.
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