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  1. Gotta agree that the '64 World's Fair IRT cars (R-33WF) were the best of the bunch. The Red (R-33ML) (Crimson?) version was really nice too and this from a guy who didn't like red back then.
  2. It amazes me that the "R" wasn't the dirtiest long ago. I haven't lived on the line for a year and it was filthy when I rode it. The cleaners do the best they can, but the "R" has a long route and there's never enough trains for the number of people riding it.
  3. Just my favorite train at my favorite station. A year ago, that kept my sanity when I was missing the city while in the depths of hell.

  4. Hi Its real nice to meet you. one question.........WHATS UP WITH THE VIDEO!!! :mad:

  5. Even though I was still a teenager, I got a chance to ride the Myrtle Ave line just before they closed the portion south of Broadway to Downtown Brooklyn. The (Mx) interchange at Broadway and Myrtle Ave is still interesting. I thought it was a mistake to shorten the line then and I still do. I would've loved to ride the Lexington Line, but it was gone years before I was born.
  6. Thank you! Just got back from job hunting in Florida. It was a nightmare. Glad to be back in the city. Wow, there's been a lot of changes here since I left in mid-February! The M goes to Forest Hills?? Amazing.

  7. I used to ride the B64 from my apartment in Bay Ridge to see the Cyclones play at Coney Island. During the rush hour it is standing room only. Just another sign that the Brooklyn and New York I know is slowly being sliced away like cold cuts at the deli counter. Out of sight out of mind. And Gravesend is a long way from Gracie Mansion. It's sad to see this. I moved to Florida a short time ago and the rate of change in NYC seems to be accelerating. I hardly knew the place when I left because of this. In the 3 months since I left, it seems unrecognizable. Rationalize it if you must but this didn't happen in the Great Depression.
  8. I tend to agree about the old 70(EE). I like how my 1972 subway map mentions it runs during "normal hours". That always gives me a smile. The times weren't the best, but we had variety - colorful subway maps, vending machines on the platforms, places like the Nedicks at Roosevelt Avenue 70(EE) 70(GG) 70(E) 70(F) 70(7) station, Motormen/Conductors like Mr. Ed Davis, Sr. and Mr. Kevin Selkirk and a boxful of subway cars to ride in.

  9. IMHO, I like the over the , but how about using the in Orange, instead? The trains that used to use the Chrystie St Connection were the and it is the next letter from .
  10. I've noticed sometimes that when the 160s accelerate, it seems that the train bumps a bit. It's as if there's bumper slack and the forward cars are being bumped as the rear cars catch up to the acceleration. I've counted at least 4 or 5 bumps when this happens. Is that caused by different car types?
  11. Thank you, it's my pleasure. I always liked this flavor of the R-33/36. I was more than a little upset when they painted them red and black in the 80s. These and the R-27's with their unusual pink seats were my favorites. I got to admit I really like the 160s, especially on the "N".

  12. The EE was way cooler than the W. The W is too short a line and the R is now way too long.

  13. Some Ham Radios also have extended receiver frequencies. If you get the Tech license, for the price of a good scanner you also get a handie-talkie that can transmit all over the metro area too. The license also allows you to carry a scanner in places where they would normally be illegal. They also have PL/CTCSS/DCS* tone compatibility. Many railfans have already done this. *PL = Private Line and is the same as: CTCSS = Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System. Both quiet the receiver until a sub-audible tone is sent with a transmission. DCS = Digital Coded Squelch. This is a newer system that does pretty much the same thing. If you hear a tone, that is not any of these systems. That is DTMF, which is older and uses tones like the ones on your telephone. Explanation Here.
  14. Agreed. I think they did you a favor and gave you good advice. I have heard of people getting arrested for that before.
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