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  1. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    If you're talking about crews wise, those Trips to Nereid are the late AM jobs that finishes up there.
  2. New York City Subway car listing

    7591-7595 was on the earlier.
  3. List of Subway lines by length

    Why did you respond to a thread thats almost 7 years old?
  4. FASTRACK Subway Repair Discussion

    The ends early during the Fastrack actually. But regardless, I agree with you its unnecessary
  5. Unplanned Subway Service Changes

    The has been running local south of 42nd Street all day on weekends since June and that will last until I think July or so.
  6. Planned Subway Service Changes

    So I guess in your argument you would say the same thing about the weekend Train being waste because it's literally a short Train then? Because it doesn't make any sense and just because it's a shorten route and a waste to you doesn't mean ridership is not warranted/unnecessary.
  7. Planned Subway Service Changes

    It doesn't say it reopens on the 12th. It still says until Early 2018 and if it were to reopen on the 12th, it would've said 104th Street Reopens but it doesn't. Could've been just a simple error for not adding it on there which isn't the first nor won't be the last.
  8. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    It honestly sucks they're starting Late Night G.Os/Weekend G.Os earlier now. I heard it screws up alot of the crews as well as causing congestion in general now that they're having Work Trains leaving the yard earlier.
  9. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Old news. They've been starting late night G.Os at 9:30 PM and/or 10:00 PM since the Fall.
  10. Planned Subway Service Changes

    So it looks like they're preparing for the Station Enhancements Work at 163rd Street. STATION ENHANCEMENTS Inwood-bound trains skip 72, 81, 86, 96, 103, 110, 116, 135, 155 and 163 Sts Nights, 11 PM to 5 AM, Mon to Fri, Mar 5 - 9 For 72, 81, 86, 96, 103, 110, 116 and 135 Sts, take the * instead. Transfer between trains at 59 St-Columbus Circle 125 St or 145 St. For service to 155 and 163 Sts, take the to 168 St and transfer to an Ozone Park/Far Rockaway-bound . For service from these stations, take the to 145 St and transfer to an Inwood-bound . *This detour has taken into account additional planned service changes.
  11. R179 Discussion Thread

    It didn't happen yesterday despite being on the website. Idk about today though.
  12. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Just a slight correction. When the only ran to 34th Street during the Bridge shutdown, it didn't end at 9 PM, it actually ended at the same time it ends today. It was when it became the new Weekday Brighton Express that it ended at 9 until July 2008.
  13. It's Still Winter?

    Well here's the latest subway photos. Enjoy 1/13/2018. 1/14/2018 1/26/2018 1/27/2018 (23rd Birthday) 2/1/2018 2/2/2018 And a few portraits in the subway aniel's World
  14. R179 Discussion Thread

    I had no idea you was a moderator... Anyways, did anymore sets came in or it's just those three sets thats running so far?
  15. Planned Subway Service Changes

    It's not the first time though that they had G.Os where nothing served 5th Avenue nor Lexington Avenue-59th Street.


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