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  1. Its not really that rough. When they have done the weekend to Utica Avenue G.O during the evening hours, from like 9:30 PM to like around 10:45 PM when the southbound local in Brooklyn started, you had all three lines sharing the local tracks with two of them turning at Utica Avenue which is actually worse than having just the and Trains sharing the local tracks. The only other reason I can see them having the turned at Atlantic Avenue days/evenings for the G.O is that more than likely they're also doing work at one of the relays.
  2. Not entirely true. The Train G.O had to do with work between south of 36th Street and 21st Street-Queensbridge. Plus when they were doing the G.O during the weeknights the last few weeks the Train was not affected by it at all.
  3. They fixed the issues on the Train to 145th Street program. They now have it probably announced as 145th Street Bound Trains and Brooklyn Bound Trains via the Line. The exterior readings has also been fixed as well. However about half the sets still don't have the program at all.
  4. Recent photos with the occasional hot weather. Enjoy. 8/3/2019 8/4/2019 8/5/2019 8/16/2019 8/17/2019 8/19/2019 aniel's World
  5. Actually part of that is not true. Not every R160 has the the program to 145th Street.
  6. Actually its not the first time. They did this G.O for a weekend back in 2017.
  7. Not alot of photos due to being really busy. Enjoy 7/9/2019 7/11/2019 7/22/2019 And a portrait Forever Photography
  8. Yes Kings Highway on the back in 2006 as a G.O for a few weeks. It had to do with some major trackwork at Bay Parkway.
  9. Service between 137 St and South Ferry in Manhattan is replaced by trains at nearby stops and free shuttle buses trains run between 242 St, the Bronx and 137 St, Manhattan. Additionally, there is no service at regular Manhattan stations and service is suspended. Free shuttle buses run between 137 St and 110 St station, stopping along Broadway at the 125 St, 116 St, and 110 St stations. Travel Alternatives: (service change map) For the West Side, use nearby stations along Central Park West. Rerouted trains will also make local stops between 145 St and 59 St-Columbus Circle, during days and evenings. Overnight, take the or local. For Midtown and Lower Manhattan, take the or along 8 Av, 6 Av and Broadway. Transfer points: 137 St and Shuttle Bus Cathedral Pkwy-110 St (Central Park West) and local Times Sq-42 St/Port Authority 34 St-Herald Sq Service between 149 St-Grand Concourse, Bronx and Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr, Brooklyn is replaced by trains at nearby stops and free shuttle buses trains run between 241 St and 149 St-Grand Concourse and via the (express) to/from Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr, then resume normal service to/from Flatbush Av. Additionally, there is no service between 137 St and South Ferry and service is suspended. Buses run between 149 St-Grand Concourse in the Bronx and the 110 St station in Manhattan, stopping along Lenox Av at 145 St, 135 St, 125 St, 116 St and 110 St Service is suspended and replaced by the at nearby stops and free shuttle buses Buses run between Harlem-148 St and 110 St stations, stopping along Lenox Av at 145 St, 135 St, 125 St, 116 St and 110 St. Additionally, there is no service in Manhattan south of 137 St and no service at regular Manhattan stations. Aug 16 - 17 • Aug 23 - 24, 10 PM Fri to 1:30 AM Sat Service is extended to the 145 St Station in Manhattan Special service runs between Metropolitan Av and 47-50 Sts, via the to/from 59 St-Columbus Circle and via the to/from 145 St. For Second Av, transfer to/from the at 34 St-Herald Sq. Overnight between 1:30 AM and 6 AM, trains run between Metropolitan Av, Queens and Myrtle Av, Brooklyn.
  10. No they don't. Most of those Trains from Rockaway Park are the XX Jobs. Same with the PM ones to Rockaway Park.
  11. The entire IRT except for the is suspended due to a network communication issue... again. Its a good I've been upstate since last week.
  12. There is currently no program to 145th Street.
  13. The AM Trains from Rockaway Park actually runs to 207th Street and a couple of those stays out all day. Those Train trips that end at 168th Street and Dyckman Street all come from Lefferts and Far Rockaway and most of those crews are the midnight crews that are finishing up that would deadhead and sign out at 207th Street Yard. Before, yes those Rockaway Park trips ended at 168th Street and/or Dyckman Street but they switched it around by the Winter of 2013.

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