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  1. Daniel The Cool

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    The Track replacement project has to with the northbound tracks north of Dekalb before the split which is why Trains aren't running between 34th Street and Atlantic Avenue as well as northbound Trains running via the Tube. It has nothing to do with work on the Bridge.
  2. So a couple weeks ago I caught/rode rerouted Trains to 168th Street but the crazy catch was there was two different incidents hours from each other that caused it. First incident there was a huge signal outage at Jay Street causing a huge delay with northbound and Trains so one Train got rerouted via the Lines to 168th Street running local along Central Park West and stopping at 155th Street. This incident was on 7/27/2018 And then a few hours later during the overnight hours a work train broke down at 167th Street and because access to 145th Street Middle was not available due to a G.O, one Train got rerouted via the Lines to 168th Street and just like the previous incident, it went local along Central Park West stopping at 155th Street as well but the only reason we went local instead of express was the Train at the same time was delayed but that late Train went express all the way to get back on schedule. 7/28/2018 And other photos. 7/21/2018 7/28/2018 7/29/2018 7/30/2018 (Yes this was a R62A Train) 7/31/2018 8/3/2018 8/5/2018 8/7/2018 And portraits in the subway aniel's World
  3. Daniel The Cool

    Unplanned Subway Service Changes

    It depends on the issue whether they can divert all trains to run local or run express and that Saturday night incident, they couldn't send anything through because the switch issue blocked off both tracks (Southbound). And if this happened during the weekday Rush Hours or Middays, I can tell you it would've been much worse.
  4. Daniel The Cool

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Once again Do Not Take whatever someone puts on Wiki as accurate sources.
  5. Daniel The Cool

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    You are incorrect about the . The started running local during the overnights beginning in the 1980s. The was cut to 125th Street until around 1999 when they decided to extend the late night back to Brooklyn Bridge but kept the local.
  6. Daniel The Cool

    Unplanned Subway Service Changes

    So? Just because it didn't show up on SubwayTime doesn't mean it was suspended. I've seen it happen many times where lines hasn't shown up in SubwayTime making it look there's a huge delay or suspension when there's a huge incident when in fact trains are running either appearing later part on the SubwayTime app or not appearing at all. You can't just rely on SubwayTime with these stuff.
  7. Daniel The Cool

    Unplanned Subway Service Changes

    The wasn't suspended. For whatever reason, those NB trips didn't appear on SubwayTime until Hoyt-Schermerhorn Street during the incident.
  8. Daniel The Cool

    Flipping the Northern Terminals for the B and C

    Yep that was all due to the WTC Center Station rehab that had to reroute Trains to Euclid Avenue.
  9. Daniel The Cool

    Flipping the Northern Terminals for the B and C

    Actually it was from November 2000 - July 2001 they ran weekend Service to 145. Before that it ended at 21st Street during the weekday evenings and weekends and from 1998-Early 1999, service temporary ended at 57th Street and I actually remember that whole ordeal.
  10. Daniel The Cool

    Flipping the Northern Terminals for the B and C

    Welp this has been discussed before but I guess I'll explain again why. The reasons why the and Switched northern terminals was for the following reasons and the Train having alot of terminals was actually not the big issue. 1. They want to simplify the Train route by so it can basically run as a shortened local Train which believe it or not actually does make sense if you think about it. 2. It was much easier to maintain the fleet since the and Train shared R32s/R38s (Just like they do with the R32s and R46s today) at the time and having both lines being based out of 207th Street and Pitkin would made it much easier for the to borrow each other R32s and R38s fleet if needed especially since at the time, the Train really didn't used alot of R32s. Same thing went for the trains since they both already had access to Coney Island Yard and occasionally the Train would borrow a Concourse set if needed as well as the Train borrowing a Coney Island Yard train (Which it still does today occasionally with just the R68/R68A rather than any Coney Island Yard Train). 3. It eliminated the tough Friday Nights and Sunday Nights Jobs when 4 Trains deadheaded from Concourse Yard to 174th Street Yard which used to caused delays on the and lines since how the deadheaded worked was it changed ends at either 135 Layup Tracks or 59th Street (Depending on the situation or so) and vice versa when returning to Concourse Yard. 4. Originally Yes originality, they were actually going to have weekend Trains run OPTO when they were switching the terminals since it already was running 4 car sets of R32s and/or R38s during the weekends but that plan got scrapped and extended the to run the 8 cars on weekends. This was actually on the old SubTalk when it was explained.
  11. Daniel The Cool

    A Few Recent Stuff

    Didn't take alot of subway photos lately due to being busy with other stuff but here's a few recent ones I've took. Enjoy 6/12/2018 7/2/2018. This Train actually was the first northbound train to go local on Central Park West after the weekend G.O ending, due to a delay with the Uptown Train after the South Channel Bridge was stuck open. 7/3/2018 7/5/2018 And a couple of flashback photos 2009 2012 And two subway portraits (6/18/2018) aniel's World
  12. Daniel The Cool

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    To Whitehall Street next weekend. SIGNAL IMPROVEMENTS | 9:45 PM Fri, Jul 20 to 5 AM Mon, Jul 23 Trains run via the in both directions between 21 St-Queensbridge, Queens and Lexington Av/63 St, Manhattan and via the between 57 St-7 Av and Whitehall St, the last stop and trains are providing alternate service No service at Queens Plaza, Court Sq-23 St, Lexington Av/53 St, 5 Av/53 St, 7 Av, 50 St, 42 St/Port Authority, 34 St-Penn Station, 23, 14, W 4, Spring, Canal Sts and World Trade Center. Brooklyn-bound trains run via the after Roosevelt Av, Queens to 50 St, Manhattan, then via the express to Jay St-MetroTech, Brooklyn. After 10:30 PM, Jamaica-bound trains run via the after 47-50 Sts, Manhattan to Roosevelt Av, Queens.
  13. Daniel The Cool

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Thats really insane and too far right there. I mean its one thing to do it for railfanning purposes but taking that gamble while going to work is really crazy especially since you got there an hour late.
  14. Daniel The Cool

    Fix & Fortify - 14th Street Tunnels Closure

    There has been work done in the Rutgers Street Tube during the 6th Avenue Weekend Shutdown G.Os but nowhere its finished but at least there has been work going on.
  15. Daniel The Cool

    Fix & Fortify - 14th Street Tunnels Closure

    It actually took a good amount of damage.


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