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  1. Nope the last one ran last week on the . AM Put ins.
  2. The late night Train Service not running has to do with emergency repairs. It's not discontinued.
  3. You're actually wrong on the and Trains. The Train is on 12-15 minutes headways with occasional gaps and the Train is on 30 minutes headways. On a bombshell note, Trains are now running as shuttle between Metropolitan Avenue and Myrtle Avenue now which isn't surprising.
  4. Just a few recent stuff. Well Enjoy. 3/15/2020 3/17/2020 3/18/2020 3/20/2020 aniel's World
  5. Not really. It's been done a few times before. The last time they did it was due to Escalator Work.
  6. Actually there were a few Trains that did in fact get sent to New Lots Avenue.
  7. I'm actually shocked that they're not suspending the Train and have the end at 96th Street with the Trains replacing the in the Bronx like they usually would have done it.
  8. Except those Trains going to Brooklyn are actually Train crews. @Trainmaster5 actually what happened was someone who works the Train was tested positive and as of a result a bunch of those crews are now quarantined which was why for the changes.
  9. Well I was afraid this was bound to happen but sadly a NYC Transit Worker (Conductor) has died from the coronavirus earlier. https://www.nydailynews.com/coronavirus/ny-coronavirus-mta-employee-death-20200326-2aptlrky2rewpej33pbkeek57m-story.html
  10. Nope that's not the reason. A good amount of crews are unavailable because of the virus. Has nothing to do with the reduce ridership.
  11. Apparently this is the reason https://www.nydailynews.com/coronavirus/ny-coronavirus-mta-subway-service-c-train-20200323-7hs6pquczbg57gppmr3a7dwmbi-story.html
  12. Which update? The last update I see is that the 2-3 sets are still at Jamaica.
  13. Definitely not true. Spotted one on the Friday heading southbound.
  14. The Culver shutdown G.Os has been postponed. It won't be starting this weekend as originally planned.
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