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  1. It has been a few years since I have posted on this forum, and now that I have free time, I would like to get back to it! Here are some photos from a 2015 snowfall. Tell me what you think, and ENJOY! 5768 Bx40 by oreyes5657, on Flickr 1211 Bx40 by oreyes5657, on Flickr 6326 Bx40 by oreyes5657, on Flickr 6215 Bx2 by oreyes5657, on Flickr 6325 Bx1 by oreyes5657, on Flickr FYI This was a test post for me to learn how to upload images
  2. Hmmmm, seems you caught me in your footage.
  3. I think that I want to revive this topic, as it was a very popular topic. I will not do any previous orders only orders after this post and will mainly only do NYCT/MTAB but will do anything else, just will take longer. Here is a Model to start off! MTA Bus 133
  4. i hate cars some bee line
  5. Hey its not only yours LOL i live on the Concourse Man. Nice Pictures of the R68
  6. My Collection Of photos of XD60 4710 out and about and some Videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L66fEVxC7a Thanks For Watching!!!
  7. LOOK i finished the Far Rockaway branch for the A train
  8. sure no prob sure thing Go right ahead ok
  9. i used two different baterries i cahnged them at hoyt schemerhorn Thanks
  10. Heres a quick time lapse that i made sorry for the shakyness ENJOY
  11. actually lenox yard can be seen from the gateway center mall across the river and i believe they have an R142 in there as everytime i go to that mall i see the set there
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