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  1. Whatever the Chinese government itself does shouldn't reflect its people and culture. I'm very facinated with the culture and philosophy from China. I would even like to visit the Shaolin Temple to be taught tai chi (if they do that) and live with the monks for a bit. ^^;
  2. I thought window seating arrangement gave more seats, because that middle area (the window seats) stick out...creating more seating... I miss my (R68a) N train..
  3. Some apocalyptic NYC storm we got... The only thing that broke around my way was a soft plastic sign from a Chinese restaraunt. We've gotten far worse and no one said anything before hand. Remember the tornado last year.
  4. I really really want to do that Russia-Mongolia-Beijing train ride. Something about going from one extreme (Russia) to the other (China) facinates me. I'll get to see the scenery and its people gradually change..
  5. I have not warmed up. I miss the various styles of trains. If they want upgrade due to technology and safety, at least make some variation in styling. A train doesn't have to look like a clone..it can be pleasing to the eye too. Some of those trains in Japan look hott. I also like window seats. I once saw an image of a proposed train with window seats. I wish they kept that idea.
  6. Shutting down trains is so historic in my eyes... I've never experienced complete shut down, aside from the strike or blizzard..
  7. Why are numbered trains' stations so bloody hott?! Do they generate the most heat? Is it because the stations are small? For example, at 14th St Union Square, the section is tolarable, but the feels like...a suffication.
  8. Wait, the trains drive themselves and not the driver?? o.o XD, that would be cool, sad, and scary at the same time. ...it may have multiple legs though, to carry all those cars...
  9. I worship outside/elevated trains. They do provide nice scenic views unlike trains in dark underground tunnels. ...its nice seeing where you are going. They should make some of the 2nd Ave outside and extend it to the Bronx. I wonder why elevated/outside trains are called "subway" if they technically are not...?
  10. NYC is slowly becoming a communist or police state. They need to go back to privitazation of the transit system (while keeping transfers of course). That way there would be a balance, a competition, between different companies in keeping the prices low...instead of one big freakin' monopoly molesting and harrassing the poor!! :cry: And I live off the unlimited since I volunteer and hang out on top of regular work. If the MTA was a person, I just want to kick it in the nads hard with a pair of Tims or Cowboy Boots on! That's how much I hate it. I love trains, I Hate the MTA.
  11. I like diversity so I like several style of trains. It would be cool to have a train in NYC that looks like the Yamanote in Japan, as well as the Keihin Tohoku. I love their designs, especially their faces/fronts...it looks more like a sleek bus than a train. The trains have soft cushy seats which is also nice. I also love the colored window seat orientations and shiny stainless steel designs of ( so those trains I gotta keep.
  12. Express! Need for speed. I'm such a "fanboy" for a train hurdling down the track (I'm a girl). The 7 yr old child comes out of me when I'm on a super fast train. I'm all like "Cool" and "Awesome!" I always take the express train, even if I have to stop at a local station..I just switch to the local at the last possible transfer. Sometimes its good to just enjoy trains for the sake of enjoyment and not get so caught up with where you have to go...I mean ride the trains for fun. Whats the fastest recorded train in NYC??
  13. The was a classic, a vision of my childhood...oh well.. Glad its not my favorite train..
  14. Serpentine dragons Stuffed with living charges Headlights like whiskers (There is more to this, but to keep it in Haiku format, I omitted stuff)
  15. I totally wish there was express service! It's my home train...it would be nice to shave off all those extra minutes of rather boring repetitive stops. I have been thinking while riding the as well as walking around (this is fanciful thinking here); around Wilson Sta. and stuff, some of the freight tracks (if not in use) can be used as a third lane, between Cooper Ave and Myrtle Ave station..there's an abandoned and torn up street level 2 track lane parallel to Wycoff and Irving Ave that could have been used, and some freight tracks in the Bushwick industrial area, after Broadway Junction, they can build a third lane over the existing tracks....these ideas may seem farfetched and crazy, but it it was like that, it would be so cool!
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