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  1. It's been long time coming. It's an improvement, but the equipment (cars) is overworked. On a side note, the first 7000 series set will enter revenue service tomorrow on the Blue line. It's scheduled to depart Franconia-Springfield a little after 7 AM en route to Largo Town Center. There's two more sets sitting in Greenbelt undergoing testing.
  2. Here's a 14 minute video recorded by a passenger. You can hear the operator telling people to remain calm and the train would move back to L'Enfant Plaza, but it seemed pretty clear that third rail power was cut out. Raw Video Metro DC Yellow Line (1/12/2015):
  3. It's true, unfortunately. Door issues, braking issues, you name it. The R32s have a better distance between breakdowns than Metro's 4000 series, which debuted in 1990. Those cars breakdown every 29,000 according to internal reports, easily the worst performers. They're actually going to replace them with the Kawasaki 7000 series cars by 2017. No mid-life overhaul for them.
  4. Very sad indeed. I've been aboard a disabled Metrorail (WMATA) train once, but to be aboard one filled with smoke is another animal. I don't know much about arcing (other than the sparks), but it appears that the incident was caused by electrical arcing according to the NTSB.
  5. They can, but not during revenue service. The maximum operating speed in revenue service is 55 MPH, just like in NYC.
  6. I think I'll try and head out to Greenbelt this weekend. Green line trains are going to operate every 20 minutes to allow for acceptance testing of the new cars.
  7. Thanks for posting, Fan Railer. I was about to post this. WMATA is only allowing members of the media to take photos apparently. Although, you may be able to sneak some photos and videos after the media and dignitaries leave. From what I understand, testing will begin after the ceremony.
  8. These B/Os don't screw around. He's probably going to lose his job, though. Just call the police and have them remove the idiot.
  9. Kawasaki is making some really nice progress with Metro's new 7000 series cars. I wish the video was a bit longer so I could hear the Toshiba motors, but they'll arrive soon enough. Four test cars are supposed to arrive in December. They will undergo extensive testing in Greenbelt before mass production begins (748 new cars in all). The short video below showcases the new cars at Kawasaki's plant in Nebraska:
  10. When you say accidents, you don't just mean incidents that occur on the mainline, correct? With the amount of derailents that happen in DC on the Metrorail, I'm surprised. You have a link for that, realizm? I hope the operator of the stopped train is ok. I'm assuming the train on the right (lead car 3177) was the "striking" train based on the damage. Edit: Apparently video shows that the OOS train was not being controlled by anyone. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/chi-two-cta-trains-crash-on-blue-line-in-forest-park-20130930,0,1375440.story
  11. If one can't figure out how to "avoid death by train" there is no hope for that person. Dropped a cell phone? Go get a transit employee. It's not rocket science.
  12. I personally like NoMa on the Red Line. It's an "in-fill" station between Union Station and Rhode Island Avenue-Brentwood. You'll see MARC, Virginia Railway Express, and Amtrak commuter trains just outside the Glenmont bound track. The Orange Line isn't bad either. On the west side (Virginia), you'll travel in the median of I-66. It's a nice view. But whatever you do, stay away from the southern end of the Green line. I wouldn't go there unless I have my Glock. Unfortunately, that part is high in violent crime. The Silver Line is tentatively scheduled to open in late 2013. The project will be turned over to WMATA this August. Third rail energization has just begun and the feeler car and trains are now being tested between Wiehle Ave and East Falls Church.
  13. Falling off a moving train while dropping a deuce between cars? That guy has to be the MTA's first darwin award winner of 2013.
  14. It's scary to know that 12/9s are an expectation. I feel for those operators. There are multiple victims in those situations: the deceased...and the T/O. RTOman, TwoTimer, and the rest of your colleagues, God be with you.
  15. If you see something, pull out your smartphone to record and laugh at another person's misery. That's how it normally goes.
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