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  1. Bombardier's latest heavy rail cars projects (CTA 5000 series and TTC Rocket) have incorporated their own MITRAC propulsion system. I imagine they'll use the MITRAC propulsion system in the R179s.
  2. I know the design will be based on the R143/R160 design, but I wish it was radically different...MOVIA different. I visited some relatives in Toronto two weeks ago and had a chance to ride on the TTC's new Rocket train. Those trains are fantastic. They are extremely roomy; the ride was smooth and quiet. I think New Yorkers would love them. The costs of revamping the rail yards to accomodate articulated cars would be astronomical, though.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if it was another builder. As you said, they have the R188 conversion contract, plus the M8 contract. They also have a contract to build 428 new cars for WMATA and possibly a mid-life rehabilitation contract for WMATA's 100 4000 series cars (which are expected to be fully compatible with the 7000 series).
  4. I guess I'm just accustomed to the structurally weaker aluminum car bodies that Metrorail trains have, but it still amazes me that there was only one fatality (still unfortunate) in the Williamsburg bridge accident. Only 8-10 ft of the lead R42 car was compromised. In comparison, more than 20 ft of the lead car (Rohr built) in the June 2009 Metrorail crash was compromised. Anyone know how fast the J train was going?

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