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  1. "Yeah I saw pics of that incident on the #37. 6438 is DONE. Is there a count of how many NABIs got into bad accidents/got put out of service? Seems like a LOT A couple of weeks ago, a Coach USA NABI crashed into a Bank of America in Orange. Then there was the one that crashed into the building in Newark. I Don't remember the bus #s from either incident.
  2. "Jeez. I feel like there's been at least 10 NABI wrecks. I could be wrong, but I don't remember any of the Novas or Flxibles getting into bad wrecks this often. Anybody know the status of the previously wrecked NABIs?! "
  3. AWESOME! The 6 and the 1 Newark 20 St ones are hilarious! Can you do the 94, 25, and 74 on an MCI? : )
  4. "Maybe this all had something to do with why the 6500s took so long to get in service in the first place..?! "
  5. "AWESOME SHOTS!!! I wonder if theyre gonna fix the front destination sign, so that it shows the route number.."
  6. "More than likely Ironbound. Is this a permanent route? Or just temporary until the Pulaski construction is finished?"
  7. I'm thinking Hilton has a huge shortage of buses. Didnt they give some to Big Tree, Wash. Twp, and also help with the 126? "
  8. "Not to mention there's still a crapton of Novas at Orange. I saw 1415, 1473, and 1514 all back to back on the Bloomfield bound 94 this morning. "
  9. "Any word on the NABI delivery?! Should be closed to being finished by now, but I see Orange still running Novas on some of their routes.."
  10. I guess they're not retiring all the Novas. I just saw 1345 on the 94 not too long ago. I'm willing to bet there's still at least 10 more Novas still being used at Orange.
  11. Are they keeping some of the Nova B's around for a couple more years?! I saw 1350 on the 94 this morning, even tho Orange is done getting all their NABIs
  12. Holy crap, I was just on that bus around that time! I couldnt come here to report my sighting cause my phone is messed up tho. Were you actually riding on it or saw it on MyBus Now?!"
  13. Wow, that's some serious accident. I feel sorry for all the victims. I wonder though, what in the hell was the reason for the van driver driving towards oncoming traffic?!
  14. "Naw, Orange has at least 50 Novas remaining. Just rode one on the 94 today. The real question is, why did GREENVILLE get so many 6400s?! "
  15. Since Greenville is getting all those NABIs, will they even have enough to go to Orange (last I heard, they had at least 60 Novas left), AC, and Coach USA (which has a whole fleet of Novas)?! The order stops at like 65XX "
  16. Lol. No offense at all to him, but he does that a lot. According to his profile, he's only 9 years old. -___- Maybe he doesn't know any better..? Lmao But on topic, nice MCI pics. Nice to see some of the flipdot destination signs on some of those buses still looking bright."
  17. WTF. Orange still has a crapload of Novas left. They did this same back and forth stuff with the 6300s that went to Orange. What the frick is NJT doing?! I wonder where 6403-6311 is, then..
  18. " Yeah, you're probably right. I was just estimating. lol Cause I know Hilton & Orange were going back and forth a lot with receiving NABIs. Also, I saw 6402 on the 96. I think it's safe to say Orange will be getting up to around 6435. "
  19. "Ah snap! You're right! lmaoo. Yea, my mistake. I meant to say Orange has 5830-5851, and HILTON has 5975-6000. Thanks for pointing that out. lol"
  20. "They may actually be Orange's. Hilton's newest NABIs are from around 6330-6398. All the other 6300s belong to Orange. " "Orange swapped about 20-25 buses with Hilton like last year. So Orange now has like 5830-5851, and Orange now has about 5975-6000. So the 58XXs you've been seeing probably really were Orange's. lol"
  21. I thought the 150 NABI option was excercised when NJT got the 6400/6500 series NABIs that are being delivered now..?!
  22. "Awesome pics, man! Btw, I can confirm that the seats are regular transit style seats. I rode 6395 today and noticed it. Im a lil disappointed by that tbh. lol"
  23. "Wow, I surely thought the Nova suburbans used on the Go25 were gonna stick around a lot longer. Lol But that's weird, cause I thought the goBuses used suburbans (like the go28 uses suburban NABIs and the go25 used suburban Novas). I wonder how the inside of them look. "
  24. "They probably haven't fitted them with clever devices yet because the Go25 is such an infrequent route with not that many stops. NJT probably sees no point in doing so. I could be wrong tho. Maybe they will order suburban buses in the next couple of years from whatever company they have build the replacements for the Neoplans..?! "
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