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  1. On 1/8/2020 at 9:48 PM, danielhg121 said:

    The whole practice of skip-stop isn't even all that efficient since the same trackage is still shared. Those tight ass turns aren't helping matters either...

    Skip stop works great in situations where station usage along the skip stop portion is fairly consistent between stops and service is frequent. The headways on the J/Z aren’t great enough to warrant it. Additionally, NYC’s labor market is becoming more fragmented and less centralized in Manhattan, so plenty of people on the J/Z aren’t heading to Manhattan anymore. The assumption that J/Z were going to Manhattan is what that express and skip stop service was designed for. It’s time to axe it.

  2. Andrew Cuomo's plans are disgraceful. New trains and fancy looking stations doesn't make the subway any better. I'd rather be on an R32 that got in on time than an R160 that took it's time. Rather focus money on keeping it clean and kicking homeless out rather than fancy new stations that will get just as dirty in a few years anyway.

  3. So I've been working on a fantasy map, and there's a Staten Island line that would run on the West Shore via the freight line and unto the Expressway. I'm undecided about putting this one stop at the West Shore Plaza. Is it really popular as to devote a heavy rail stop for a shopping center that's not open 24/7?

    How bout a first 5 car stop or something, or only in the peak direction.

  4. Found a few errors with the R160 programs...


    -On the (L), they have DeKalb Av & Atlantic Av as wheelchair accessible stations in both directions.


    -On the (J) to Chambers St program, the exterior signs all say Jamaica local (as normal), the FIND has normal local stops, the train says (J) local, but the screen says Jamaica express


    It couldn't really be that hard to fix this. I noticed the J one before.

  5. In that particular case, if you're going to put a substation and other parts in where the buildings were, then it likely makes sense to also add a subway station there with exits at 7th and 8th Streets, which also allows the Houston Street stop to be a bit further south if possible (but still with the (F) transfer in place) and the 14th Street station be a little further north of where it would be others. 


    Otherwise, I agree. 


    Oops i mistakenly downvoted.

    And so has every other part of Manhattan, but that doesn't mean we should just go around and add stops everywhere. Because there is no express line (and I swear to god, we don't need to have a "the SAS should have an express that doesn't go anywhere" conversation again), interstation distances need to be kept high to keep travel time low, and quite frankly between 14th and Houston there isn't a compelling enough reason to put a stop there, particularly since the most expensive costs these days are for stations (and if you think the MTA could get that land without paying today's market price for it, then do I have a bridge to sell you.)


    Why should the SAS be making a stop that even the M15 SBS does not do, anyways?


    This part of Manhattan includes about 4 extra avenues east of First. That's a lot more development.

  6. Except the (M) USED to run via West end to Bay Parkway (albeit last time five years ago) so it's not like people will forget that easily.  Plus, there are two transfer spots involved (Essex-Delancey AND Jay-Metrotech) where in this scenario riders can switch from the (A) or (F) to get to the re-routed (M) and if needed (J) / (Z) (PLUS Fulton from the Rockaway (A) and the (C) AND there AND Court Street AND Atlantic-Barclays from the (2) / (3) / (4) / (5) in this scenario), which is a consideration.   Some might get confused, but the transfer points are why I do that.


    I bet if 95% of subway riders just read your post they'd be confused. It's hard for the general consensus to just look at a map and paint lines with their mind.

  7. If necessary, (J) and (Z) are extended via Montague and the Brighton Line to Brighton Beach to replace the (B) in Brooklyn.

    (M) is rerouted to Broad Street on the Nassau Line after Essex Street and then via its old route via Montauge, 4th Avenue and the West End to Coney Island to replace the (D) in Brooklyn.  From 6th Avenue, transfer from the (A) or (F) at Essex-Delancey in Manhattan OR Jay Street in Brooklyn for the (M) that replaces the



    Why make it complicated? You could just split the (N) between West End and Sea Beach. That would make a lot more sense to riders. You have to remember riders do not know as much as you. If they see a (J) on the Brighton or an (M) on the West End they'll be very confused.

  8. I mean if one runs on the (A) 5 days a week, and the (A) is all IND, shouldn't that tell you something?

    Or the fact that the R68's dominate the IND and there is only an R68 on the (N) every now and then.

    Also, Javier you should buy a camera or take a picture of these things. Cause for now it's "no picture no proof."

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