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  1. Skip stop works great in situations where station usage along the skip stop portion is fairly consistent between stops and service is frequent. The headways on the J/Z aren’t great enough to warrant it. Additionally, NYC’s labor market is becoming more fragmented and less centralized in Manhattan, so plenty of people on the J/Z aren’t heading to Manhattan anymore. The assumption that J/Z were going to Manhattan is what that express and skip stop service was designed for. It’s time to axe it.
  2. I've had enough of Cuomo. He's incredibly inept and thinks wrapping R160s is gonna chance public perception.
  3. Cool video I found of Berlin's U-Bahn a few months before the wall fell.
  4. Is this just positive PR for him doing nothing for the subway in the past six years?
  5. I'm heading down this weekend so I'll be sure to check this out! Thanks.
  6. Honestly, I doubt this will actually happen. The folding seats is a much better idea, there is no need for standing cars outside of peak hours, especially at night. It seems as if removing the seats completely would put a handicap on use outside of peak hours, pushing the straphangers who want seats into other cars, leaving an entire car empty.
  7. Hooray! I got my lisence!

  8. Democratic Party needs drastic reform quick if they want to get anywhere in 2018 and 2020. Trump held up the LGBT flag at his rallies and has said he supports gay marriage which he said tonight in 60 mins. I have a hard time believing that he will actually go against marriage equality, maybe Mike Pence though.
  9. This election proved America was sick and tired of being called racist- I can tell everyone here firsthand in the secrecy of the Internet that if I was of voting age I would have voting Trump. As a white man I have been told that " don't know what it's like to be poor." I've also been demonized and told that I, simply because I would consider voting trump, am deplorable, akin to the Klu Klux Klan. I've been told to give away things I've fought for and earned through merit simply because I'm a straight white male. I've been told that blacks can't be racist despite them shooting white cops in the street because they are cops and because they are white. The groupthink that anyone who disagrees with me is a crazy racist is rampant among the left in this country. Even though I disagree with Trump on tons I'm ecstatic he won, especially since I listened the the media lies and prepared for him to lose. It's such a huge slap on the face to the dying left which calls those it disagrees "homophobes, nationalists, Islamophobes, sexists, racists". There is nothing that makes me laugh more than the babyish crying of the left now that Trump is out President Elect. Shows that the prog-left can dish it out but they sure as hell cant take it. Some examples that I think are hilarious of liberals being babies on this forum: "Regardless, my world and the Muslim, Latino, Hispanic, LGBTQ, and "brown" people in its orbit has been shattered." "Just absolutely disgusting." "When Vladimir Putin Is The first guy to congratulate u on winning that alone speakes volumes of where were headed...World War 3 is in the vey near future...Watch" "Trump is the new President… And so homophobes, nationalists, Islamophobes, sexists, racists, and maybe a sexual predator enter position of power that risk setting this country back 70 years. God help us now." If you recognize yourself in any of these especially if you say your "world has been shattered" go f**k yourself.
  10. Streetcars could never replace El's. El's avoid stoplights and go plenty faster, don't have to worry about cars below. Plus it's nice to be above on them riding them on a nice day.
  11. Less stoplights, better positioned parking, those bypass tunnels they have on First and Park in midtown. Also light coordination.
  12. Andrew Cuomo's plans are disgraceful. New trains and fancy looking stations doesn't make the subway any better. I'd rather be on an R32 that got in on time than an R160 that took it's time. Rather focus money on keeping it clean and kicking homeless out rather than fancy new stations that will get just as dirty in a few years anyway.
  13. Ok here is my proposal for the night time subway. Since the Q runs to 57th at night, instead of going over Manhattan Bridge it should follow the N under the tunnel. This just provides more service.
  14. Since it's not graffiti I don't think they have to take it out of service, but in interest of keeping the subway clean it might be a good idea.
  15. I like the extension too to SF loop. I also like the focus on weekend service cause that's kinda needed.
  16. Great shots! what phone do you have?
  17. Member Since 22 May 2011! Five years folks!

  18. Wow that is awesome but I doesn't say the next stop??
  19. How bout a first 5 car stop or something, or only in the peak direction.
  20. https://open.spotify.com/user/_jimmeh/playlist/7k6oNVozwTaiL2JrkOyj9b My Chillwave Spotify playlist
  21. Hello there! Sophmore year has been treating me ok.

    1. Daniel The Cool
    2. LegoBrickBreaker101


      Agreed. Sophomore year aint so bad, at least in my experience its better than freshman year (so far)

    3. TheNewYorkElevated


      I'm in Freshman year.


      Other than that, welcome back.

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