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whats going to be going to be happending during this time. that service has to be suspended between 137 street and 242 street ?


here's the link http://travel.mtanyct.info/newtp/serviceAdvisories/routeStatusResult.aspx?tag=1&date=07/11/2009&time=


are they doing some type of ats related work ?? or just rewireing type of work? im just wondering. hope someone could answer



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Wheelchair passengers properly have to take Bx7 to Broadway-207th St for (A).

If they need (1) station, they need to take subway to 42nd St-PABT.

From Manhattan, they have to do opposite, right?


Yes but thats if you wanna avoid the SHuttle Buses north of 137th and if you want access to the St. Nicholas Avenue (1) Train entrances which are 181st/191st


You can take the (1) to 137th where it takes you on all (1) stops excluding 191/181th sts.


What the (MTA) could of done is have the st. Nicholas bus run to the bronx instead of it having 2 stops. Since at 191st there is a road that leads to teh Dyckman St (1) station


Heres a PDF if you wanna see the Map/GO List:



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