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My Bus Rhythm Poem


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M1 meets BM1, BxM1, QM1, X1.

M2 meets BM2, BM2, BxM2,

Q3 meets rush hour N3 in Jamaica.

Q4 meets N4 at Jamaica Center.

M5 meets BM5.

M6 meets X6 in Midtown, well as N6 meets Q6 in Jamaica.

M7 meets X7 in midtown.

Bx15 and M15 meets at 125th St/2nd and 1st Av.

Q20 and N20 are often mistaken with same prefix.


True story, when I was riding on M60 eastbound on Astoria Blvd, one lady was asking for "Q60" which was on Queens Blvd line, so M60 ask LGA B/O for help at depot. I try not to laugh, but I was laughing in my mind!

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