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Parking rules will be online in '09


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Parking rules will be online in '09


November 29, 2007


[float=right]34005631-29054853.jpg[/float]A click of the mouse will help New York City drivers avoid parking tickets by revealing street cleaning regulations, no standing zones and other hurdles to the perfect parking spot on any city block.


The City Council passed legislation Wednesday that will post parking regulations on the Department of Transportation¹s Web site by Sept. 1, 2009.


The site will allow drivers to search the restrictions by block and will be updated if regulations are changed permanently or for construction.


"Too many streets in the city have confusing, sometimes contradictory parking restriction signs, and too many drivers have received parking tickets with large fines and unnecessary hassles despite good faith attempts to interpret signs and to park legally," City Council Transportation Committee Chairman John Liu said in an e-mail.


The site will ensure regulations are enforced consistently, Liu said. The department of transportation has already been working on an on-line system enabling drivers to search all traffic and parking signs throughout the city, and the new legislation will set the 2009 due date for the system.


DOT employees are writing the code to transfer sign information in an internal computer to the web site system. Drivers will be able to search sign information multiple ways, including by typing in an intersection but other details of the site are still being hammered out, a spokesman said.


"We support this legislation and look forward to making this information accessible for the public," DOT spokesman Ted Timbers said in an e-mail.


The legislation heads to the mayor¹s desk next for approval.

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Thats great to hear but until 2009? Thats a little too long of a wait for something like this. Might've well just kept it between those in the department and waited a while longer to tell the public about this.


But I don't drive in NY, especially in Manhattan so I don't have to worry. I doubt I will have to anyway, especially having to go park somewhere (I wouldn't want to park at a garage either).

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