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  1. Hey ya'll. Nothing spectacular, a couple of shots while I was in the area earlier. Enjoy!
  2. Hello folks, here's some of photos and video footage from the first day of revenue service on WMATA's new Silver Line. Enjoy! Wiehle-Reston East Spring Hill Greensboro Tysons Corner McLean
  3. Hello folks. Here is WMATA's new Kawasaki 7000 series train on a test run along the Orange Line at East & West Falls Church. Enjoy! Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more of my uploads: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRJItzgGeLAyOqlGWhhA8FQ
  4. Hello everyone, Mostly NJT Rail with some Amtrak. Video from both Broad Street Station & Penn Station. Enjoy!! If you like what you see, then subscribe to my channel for many more!
  5. Bingo. While the idea of the new stop is nice and could definitely be used. And the bickering from the union may seem silly, I see where they're coming from.
  6. Nice!! That photo of 2027 is really cool.
  7. Thanks for the all the compliments everyone!!
  8. Photos from outings the last 2 months while more and more get pressed into service. Enjoy!
  9. Yes, your boy is still alive! Just been busy with work (which has been going very well for those wondering). Was browsing around the BX (STAND UP!!) and ran into our latest product by New Flyer Industries, XD60 "Xcelsior" Low Floor Articulated #4710 on a test run. Enjoy! And two recent shots of Nova LFSA #5798 on the Bx12 +Select Bus Service+...
  10. That's exactly what the problem was, it wasn't any faster than taking a bus down there. If they ever decide to reactivate rail service south of Bay Head, then that's where you can run this service again.
  11. charrrr.... charrrrr....



    Lol, Pokemon Snap brings back memories... :cool:

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