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..Crazy morning!


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OK, about three inches of the white stuff mixed with slush and ice. Sounds great already, doesn't it? So I'm walking to my bus stop.. thinking 'wow, snow isnt that bad..' When suddenly I step down off the curb at what I THOUGHT was a nice blanket of snow.. but it turns out, the top was the white stuff, the bottom is a puddle. Go figure.


So, I'm waiting at my bus stop at this point.. Now, its on the sidewalk near the curb. Now, there is NO possible way to avoid the splash when cars drive by.. so when we see the headlights, turn your back to the street and prey it ain't a semi.


You think people would be extra-cautious in the snow, eh? Wrong. At this point its 6:45 am. Still dark. I see the whole street light up in blue-neon lights. State Police. Three of them. They come trudging down Middlesex Ave, no sirens. The light was green for them, red for the opposing street. Well, here comes an SUV lahdy-freakin-dahing right through the red light, almost smacks right dab into the side of the cruiser. Needless to say, one of the police stopped to bag him.. Thats probably the hight of the morning..


So, we get on the bus.. Everything is dandy.. Roads seem to be clear. We are about a mile away from my high school at this point when suddenly; Silence. The bus stalls. Everyone goes DEAD quiet. You can hear the driver mumbling something, get up for a second, then sit down and the bus rumbles back to life. Hooray? Neigh, my friend. We get up to the top of this hill, cars are sliding.. People dont know how to drive..


After a few minutes of playing car-bus-car-bus through the snow.. we finally pulled up to the school..


Hope your morning went better than mine!

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A lot of schools don't give a rats a** about the kids,if they get hurt not there fault the parents sign a paper(most schools anyway) sayin that they have limited libility if they get hurt on the bus. And then there is the other end of the spectrum where they cancel school for absolutley nothing! One year we had slush and we didn't have school.

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