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  1. I hope the TA hurries up, and swap the R32 and R42 with the Atlantic Ocean, and get their R179's in, as they suppose to be doing soon. I hate seeing the rust lines and spots around the top of the R42's. I do love the R46s on the A line though. For something from the mid 70's, it is wayyyy better, and the heating is wayyyy better, still yet, than something from the mid 80's (R68,R68A)............
  2. Ok. It would have been nice if ENY got some new buses, not swap me downs. Thought it was new, until I sat in back, and seen the dirt, graffiti, and scratches in the seats......
  3. Right now, I am on 4848 New Flyer Xcelsior, on the B82 leaving Coney Island. End of RTS is truly nearing. Bus has ENY Depot stickers on it.
  4. I know I might be a day, or several days late, but I noticed I havent seen any NovaBus LFS at Ulmer Park anymore. Where does these buses be?????
  5. Wow, so the Bx9 changed where you have to just sit at times. From West farms to 225 wasn't a problem, Riverdale bound. It was from 225 to Riverdale, where the running time wasn't real, especially during the rush hour, when I was there. In December, I will be under the Concourse for 6 months, 5 days a week. By the way, I like the NovaBus LFSA over that XD60 now. The NovaBus FLSA doesn't have plain bus look, as to me the XD60 does. When things don't look so new to one so much anymore, one can judge which looks better to oneself . VIVA VanHool AG300 still my fave though. That won't change........ The Bx36 was suppose to be an articulated line. Its day will come, where it will be. Remember two 60ft artics can do the job of three 40fters. I really feel MTA will put those Orca buses on that heavy ridership line......
  6. Congratulations to those who are coming off the street, and into the subway. Hopefully I will get to see some of you all, and some become my student(s) on the PM tour. I had three in the A Div, and no one made me squeeze my cheeks tightly together yet. Don't need to explain why I have a dirty uniform. On thing I do, is teach how to go through timers, without braking at every one. That is one thing I learn when I get on a line. Makes it easier, to know where you are working, and if you get a student. Important things to do is, get plenty of rest, be alert, listen and learn. You will be taught alot. Signals are a must pass, and they aren't playing around. Sadly lots of promos, got sent back, for failure to write down correctly, what a signal aspect means. Don't fly through yellows, and brake hard before reds. Once you see yellow, start braking, and if a train is in front of you, start pacing, and gaping yourself. Try to get that yellow to go green. As a Superintendent in schoolcar said, and I live it to this day. "Keep riding yellows, and one day, you WILL hit a red........"
  7. After listening to a Cummins ISL with an Allison tranny, in a NovaBus LFX (basically same as LFSA), and then a New Flyer D60LFR (basically same as XD60) with same engine to tranny combo, and given I did ride a few times on the XD40 on the B6, I would prefer the New Flyer XD60. Reason. I LOVE that driveshaft whine the New Flyers make. Even the 2011 C40LF (I ride the B103 also), make that "New Flyer whine". The NovaBus engine is alot louder with that engine to tranny combo. Has a mans growl. The New Flyer has a just starting puberty young mans growl. Again, LOVE that whine the New Flyers driveshaft and I guess axles make. I forgot the New VanHools don't offer alot of seats. It is more meant for BRT runs, which you wouldn't want alot of seats for....... New Flyer XD60 wins with me. My new favorite looking bus. The drivers here, will keep us informed on which articulated performs better, when they come in......
  8. Maybe the C will now become a 10 60ft car line, and the 40 cars that will give us 5 trains, will replace the rust buckets on the J/Z lines. Last time I counted, which was a few months ago, they had between 5 to 6 trains of R42's for the J/Z lines, which I usually only seen two to 3 actually used for service. The others were spares........
  9. This is the master controller of the R188

    © DOB2RTO

  10. DOB2RTO

    R188 console

    This is the console of the R188 (former R142A)

    © DOB2RTO

  11. DOB2RTO


    This is one of the first converted R142A from the 6 line, now an R188

    © DOB2RTO

  12. DOB2RTO

    R160 E/F/R

    Cab of train we took from Jamaica Yard

    © DOB2RTO

  13. DOB2RTO

    R160 E/F/R

    R160 at Jamaica yard. The A to b transfers in my group, got R160 qualified with this train.

    © DOB2RTO

  14. R160 layups at Stillwell yard. Train to the right was my layup

    © DOB2RTO

  15. I hated the old dawgs with just one rear door. Dwell time was wayyyy to long, as most came out the fron door anyways. My second favorite route to drive was Youngblaze Bx1/2 route. I had a pick over there, and really liked it. Favorite was my last worked picked jobs on the Bx7. The Bx9, oh hizza, fijizza, ell no. Same for the Bx3. At least when I was there from 2006 - 2008, unrealistic running times, especially during the rush hour............ I do like the XD60, and figured after the XN60 came out, New Flyer would have to come out with a diesel version. I still find myself liking the LFSA better, just because it still looks different, and I like the way the roof top is set up. The front section to rear section length, is different from what we normally see on artics here. The XD60 looks too flat and naked on the top. It looks just like a D60LFR, that got whacked across the front top of the head, and a bump grew......... The Van Hool Ag300 puller articulated is still my favorite though.......

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