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Some weekend railfanning


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Since my weekend classes were canceled, I decided to do some rail/busfanning. (Busfanning photos here) The shots below include the lowest and highest-numbered R32s on the (C) (as of this post), and some R160 Option 2 shots:


Taken on Saturday, September 19th, 2009:


I caught a (C) at Utica Avenue at 6:04 a.m. These are the lowest-numbered R32s in regular service, cars 3354 and 3355 (I didn't take a pic of 3355 unfortunately :))



These were taken at 59th Street:


...which includes the new artwork:



Then I caught the 7:00 X1 bus at CPS, the first bus bound for Staten Island for the day, roamed the mall for a bit, snapped some shots of some buses at Yukon, then took the S79 back to Brooklyn and headed to Coney Island. Before I got to Coney Island, I caught these (all SI bus shots here):


A frozen LED sign:


But this is the correct line:



Then I caught some Option 2 R160s. I specifically remember seeing this set on its first day of service on the (E) on August 2nd:




Then I went to check and see if the R32 was running on the (Q) despite it being split up, and even saw the shuttle buses in action (again, here). Unfortunately, the R32s were in the yard:



and the (Q) was all R160! Not a single R68:



Then I got the Shuttle at Prospect Park and called it a day. What was ironic was catching the SAME R32 set I was on this morning! (3354 was the head set and 3740 was the trailing set, and instead i caught 3740 leading and 3354 trailing!). I was out railfanning from 6 in the morning till 7 in the evening! But it was a beautiful day nonetheless, so it was worth being out of my house for 13 hours.


Taken on Sunday, September 20th, 2009:


The next day, I left my house at 10:30 and railfanned until 7:00:




I found these trolley tracks somewhere along the (F) line:




And then back to railfanning:




And then, a surprise: the highest-numbered R32s in service. I caught them at Hoyt-Schermerhorn Streets near 7 in the evening;




What a weekend! I was all over the place, but I can't wait to do this again. It's too bad my classes are back on for next weekend though, but hey, the next weekend that's free for me, I'm railfanning my butt off, that's for sure!

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Hey I had a frozen LED sign that was saying (E) to Jamaica Center but the FIND was saying the (F) haha confused people.. but one in the next car up or back worked..


Don't you just love the idea of putting sophisticated electronics in an environment that is just flowing with steel dust? :)

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