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Revision of the Orion V Next Gen

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This model represents a revision of the earlier design I built of the Orion V "Next Generation." The bus measures ~45' 9" from bumper to bumper by 108 inches wide and seats 51. The bus has a 21" elevated floor similar to the older high floor models, and the design of the back is a modified version of that used on the Orion V. The front, however, is a high-floor version of a cross between that of the typical NABI low floor and that of the Orion VII NG, and the roof design is modeled on the Orion VII NG. The bus has a fully detailed interior including slightly indented bucket seats, poles to hold on to, ad holders with lighting, and even the box with indicator lights above the back door. Driver's compartment is fully detailed. My idea for the powertrain on this was a turbine-based series hybrid propulsion similer to that on the Designlines. Enjoy!












And now for the interior shots:










And now for some close-ups:


Driver's area:




Interior front:




Stop Request box on pole:




Front Sign:




Side Sign:




Indicator box on the back door:




Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Also, stay tuned for the suburban version with soft seats and luggage racks.

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You did a great job, it looks great, it must've took forever.


It would be cool if the NGs were one floor (I like the 2 floor variety as well).

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Thanks. I have the suburban version completed now. The new model is the same detail level as the old one, with the following differences.


-A single door (Front only).

-Plush suburban Seating (now fits 54)

-Luggage racks. (Note: these luggage racks are similar to those on the D45 Vikings rather than the PBL O5s)

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