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MTH releases 2010 Volume 2 Catalog

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Hey fellas,

For all of you who collect trains MTH just released its 2010 volume 2 catalog. In it you will find the NJ Transit F40PH engine along with Amtrak E8 ABBA sets. Also included are the extra cars to the R142A add on set. These include the two A end cars and a possible two B middle cars, to help make the second part of the 5 car set to complete a full ten car (6) train. I'm not sure if I will get that but I did get two 5 car powered sets to make a 10 car set. Im still debating. I will be ordering the NJ Transit engine along with the bilevels I am waiting for as well as the Amtrak E8s. I also may get the Florida Tri Rail set as well since I rode it while in Florida. The volume 2 catalog is pretty good check it out at railking.com ;)

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:tup: thank's for the great review!

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