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MTA unveils fare-ly complex MetroCards price system


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MTA unveils fare-ly complex MetroCards price system

Here comes the fare hike - and two new oddball MetroCards.


The MTA is rolling out a 10-trip, pay-per-ride MetroCard - with a peculiar price: $17.39


And the agency will soon start selling a 30-trip pay-per-ride with a $52.17 price tag.


The move is intended to provide an easy-math option for riders wanting to buy cash-based bonus MetroCards with a specific amount of trips - and no spare change in value.


Another reason: MetroCard vending machines can provide only limited types of change.


But one transit worker dubbed the options "wacko.They just look odd."


Full story: nydailynews_logo.gif icon_offsite.png - February 27, 2008

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