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Misc. & Municipal Transit

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Before getting to my grand finale for Southern California, I’m going to honorably mention other, much smaller systems and misc. transit photographed and recorded during the tour:


L.A Dash ElDorado 06315 at fifth & Grand:



East L.A Connection El Dorado 308 at the Atlantic Gold Line Station:



Culver City New Flyer C40LF #7076 at UCLA after completing a run on popular Line 6:



Crown school buses are legendary in Southern California. Here is Sureway 29 in Downtown LA



Santa Clarita Gillig Phantom 129 board passengers heading towards North Hollywood Red Line Station on express line 757:



Transit Systems is a busfan’s paradise. The operation uses several different brands of RTSs for various shuttle services. These images were captured as Transit Systems was providing shuttle service for the Hollywood Bowl:


RTS 1201 in North Hollywood returning to the shuttle layover point:



RTS 1185 at the end of a parade of RTSs:



1195 leads a parade of RTSs from both Los Angeles & Long Beach:



At night falls, 1184 idles away from the rest, making this a awesome photo:





Culver City New Flyer C40LF 7076: DD50/Allison B400R:



Santa Clarita Gillig Phantom #150: Cummins M11/Allison B400R:



Santa Clarita Phantom #129: DD50/Allison B400R:



L.A DOT Buses in Downtown LA:



Long Beach Unified School District Crown:



Music Video featuring Misc. & Municipal Transit:


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